The Rainbow Limit – A Personal Rant

Here we are, only a bare week and a half into “Pride Month” and I’m already tired of it all – triggered by an email for a fabric and interior decorating store that I did subscribe to and don’t anymore. Yes, they sent me an email advertising their assortment of Pride-themed fabrics and that’s when my last nerve was stomped on, metaphorically, with hobnailed boots. A small thing … but it hit my limit of toleration. Mainstream commercial retail has been doing this – Target stores being the example which comes most often to mind. I can only assume that their leadership gets a nice warm fuzzy feeling over catering to a miniscule minority while annoying the heck out of a larger segment of the purchasing public.

For some reason June has become the month set aside by … the current zeitgeist, the ad agencies, the LGBTQVWXYZTLGBLT-whatever orgs … to celebrate the LGBT-BLT lifestyle of a minority of the human population in these variably-blessed and sort-of United States. A minority which encompasses perhaps two percent of the population overall, three percent at best, plus maybe another two or three percent comprised of confused adolescents trying to shock their parents and deeply unbalanced adults hopping on the current social fad bandwagon. Yet, somehow, this relatively tiny but ear-splittingly loud minority get a whole month wherein to pester the general public, parade through the streets and flog rainbow-themed merch wherever you glance. Activists and politicians wanting to goose their ratings in the polls, exhibitionists wanting to shock the daylights out of the normies by wearing fetish gear in public during the day and commercial interests looking for a few extra dollars in these inflationary days have seized on any old excuse to hawk their wares between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. As has been pointed out frequently by commenters on the conservative side of the spectrum – our war dead, our veterans, our past presidents and our country itself only get a single day each; why do the LGBT-BLTs rate the whole darned month?

This is not, by the way, to be construed as me expressing a dislike or even a hatred of LGBT-BLT individuals. I just don’t care what consenting adults get up to in private; haven’t cared for simply decades. (The operative words here are consenting, adult and private. Like Mrs. Patrick Campbell is supposed to have said – Don’t care what you do in the bedroom, just don’t be doing it in the road and frightening the horses.) Why the heck should we be hectored into a pretense of caring about the LGBT-BLT spectrum now; as if they let up any time during the other eleven months? It used to be said that it was the love that dare not speak its name, now it’s the love that never shuts up. As I said, I’m sick and tired of Pride Month already, and it’s only a week and a half into June. Your comments?

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  1. PRIVATE is the operative word. but they’re damned near all malevolent narcissists, so that won’t be the case. “coming out of the closet” should be a capital felony, punished with the slowest and most brutal penalties imaginable.

  2. One thing we’ve learned about these pro-Hamas actions is that enforcement works. At campuses in Texas and elsewhere when the university administration stepped in and decisively dealt with these people, the actions stopped.

    These activists are not part of some singular block. There is a small committed cadre at the center but most of their number is augmented by those who are attracted by the passing circus and want in on a good time. It’s that outer group that provides cover to the activists and gives the perception of a larger movement. Take that outer group out and you isolate the radical cadre.

    What should be done about these acts of antisemitic harassment? Arrest them, make it a hate crime charge or whatever, and get these people “enrolled in the criminal justice system.” For most people, even most of these hanger-ons, the process is the punishment and the prospect of doing time, having a record, or just having the next year of their life tied up in the court system with huge legal fees is enough.

    Yeah I know. Past experience shows that in most blue jurisdictions that even if arrests are made that either the local DA won’t prosecute or they’ll just get bailed out. However that brings up the feds and the prospect of once and future president, Donald J. Trump. The feds have shown the willingness to charge people when state and local decline to do so; usually the charge(s) deal with civil right violations, As mobsters and Hunter will attest to, you don’t want to be in federal court. Trump can start making announcements now that once president he will have his DOJ prosecute these acts

    That’s just the appetizer because the real target is Big Protest, the foundations and non-profits that are helping to financially stand up these cretins. So many of them from BLM and AntiFa to various pro-Hamas campus and activist groups receive some amount of money from these non-profits. Trump should take his inspiration from Fani Willis and have DoJ creatively apply RICO statutes to go after those non-profits who fund groups implicated in antisemitic harassment. A good example would be the case from last year at Cooper Union where Jewish students had to lock themselves in a library to escape a mob, Was there a mob participant who belonged to a group that received such money? Time to play hardball. No DOE complaints and investigations, not just civil suits, but RICO criminal investigations of the funder(s).

    This being an election year and with Trump the presumptive nominee this is the perfect time to not only get this out in the open but to bring out publicly bankruptcy of those who equate freedom of expression with freedom of speech

  3. Sorry that should have been int he “The Demons Return” post. I should have known not to post before my 4th cup of coffee of the morning

  4. So when are the months for Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Lust?

    To be fair, it could be argued that some of them may be closely linked to other “special months”…particularly Envy…

  5. On a semi-related note, someone on YouTube came up with a quip about Disney’s reaction to the unpopularity of its latest dumpster fire in the Galaxy Far, Far Away:

    “Disney has introduced the gaslight saber for every criticism. It makes a strange sound when swung: ‘phobe, ist, phobe, phobe, ist.”

  6. only a bare week and a half into “Pride Month” and I’m already tired of it all
    Wow. I only made it an hour and a half and was tired of it.

  7. The Only Crimes Are Political Now

    On Wednesday, three teens were arrested for riding e-scooters over an LGBTQ ‘Pride’ mural painted on a crosswalk in Spokane, Washington. One of the teens was charged with a first degree felony and bail was set at $15,000.

    On Saturday, in another Washington thousands of miles away, Hamas supporters rioted near the White House. They threw bottles at a park ranger and vandalized national monuments with graffiti reading “Death to America”. Islamic terrorist supporters waved banners and held up signs in support of Hamas. One man in a Hamas headband brandished a bloody Biden mask.

    Two Park Police officers were injured in the pro-Hamas violence, but not one arrest was made.

    Not a single arrest for the assault on a federal employee (1-20 years in prison), the vandalism of national monuments (10 years in prison) or the support for a terrorist organization (20 years in prison). If only they had done some donuts on a ’Pride’ mural, they might be in jail now.

    Back in the oughts, a gay couple purchased several units in my HOA. They later split, sold their units, and dissolved their small retail business. One did an excellent job as Board President in leading the HOA through a nuisance lawsuit a wealthy investor subjected us to. Board President once sent the rest of the Board an e-mail informing us that he and his significant other had now been together for a year. How many heterosexual couples send out such an email?

  8. Hominem Humilem
    June 13, 2024 at 8:24 am

    So when are the months for Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Lust?

    There were a lot of discussions last year, around this time, over which months would be appropriate for those. A lot of wrangling over Gluttony and Greed getting piled together.

    I think the agreed upon ones were:
    January – Sloth
    February – Lust
    November – Gluttony
    December – Greed

    Wrath (Anger) is tough to pin down. And Envy should precede Greed, honestly, but November is really needed for Gluttony.

  9. I’ve never understood what some people choose to do in the bedroom is considered to be something to be celebrated.

    I want Reading in Bed Month.

  10. Board President once sent the rest of the Board an e-mail informing us that he and his significant other had now been together for a year. How many heterosexual couples send out such an email?

    When I was still in practice, one of my offices was in Laguna Beach. I saw a lot of AIDS cases before there was any successful treatment. One really sad case was a nuclear engineer at San Onofre Power plant, which is just south of San Clemente. I had to break the news to him that he had AIDS, a lethal disease at the time. He told me that it could not be possible as he had been in a committed relationship for 10 years. What could I say?

    I once had a woman patient who was a Christian Science member. She told me “I lose my breast and my religion at the same time.” The engineer was in a worse fix.

  11. That want us to stay out of their Bedroom but they drag the dang bedroom around with them everywhere they go.

  12. I supported the gay (etc, some of my best friends are lesbians :-) ) rights movement years ago. I attended and helped celebrate two friends, who had been together for 8 years, same-sex marriage in the first month it was legal.
    The movement had a motto – loud and proud – which may have been necessary to counter societal expectations.
    I still support the “proud” part, but, dammit, the “loud” part has gone well past annoying into threatening.

  13. These endless “pride” marches remind me of how Irish Protestants would march through Irish Catholic neighborhoods. The plain intent was intimidation, because the Catholics just had to shut up and take it, or else the armed might of the Crown would come and stomp on them.

    Obviously a similar dynamic is in play here. Normal people are expected to just shut up and take the endless demands of the rainbow mafia, up to and including the open grooming of children, or face legal trouble and/or job loss.

    As an aside, I note that lately the regime has been pushing to force essentially everyone to be an employee of some corporation, so that corporate policy can force people to toe the line, whether they want to or not. This is tyranny, by the way.

    As to Target, I note the public anger at the transvestite wear for babies has apparently hurt the company enough that they’ve backed away from it. Fine, but I won’t shop there anymore.

    If only there was a political party that would push back against all this nonsense.

    Wouldn’t that be nice?

  14. I believe that those who want to celebrate Pride should go to their nearest zoo or game park and paint each of the lions a different color. That will make a true ‘pride’ of lions and surely the righteousness of their cause will prevent anything bad from happening.

  15. This isn’t about sex, it’s about power. You can think whatever you want in the privacy of your small middle-American mind, but you must submit publicly to whatever today’s arbitrary demand is. If you submit they win. If you don’t submit you get punished.

    Or you can push back. That’s what the Muslims and communists do, and what western govts used to do. Fight power with power. The Pride people aren’t in a hurry to hold an annual parade in Teheran.

    Americans are more tolerant than ever of people with non-mainstream sex lives, of religious and ethnic minorities, etc. This observation leads to the question of what, if not simple tolerance, the organized gays are really after. Two of the obvious possibilities are political power, and the relaxation of legal and cultural norms against the sexual pursuit of children and young teens by adults. Otherwise why all the fuss?

  16. This:

    This isn’t about sex, it’s about power

    Couldn’t agree more. There are plenty of people out in Alphabet Land who support the cause out of diversity or tolerance or love, but they aren’t the motor, the energy driving the cause. The New Left is about power, it’s how they see the world, see how society is constructed and for them “justice” isn’t about kumbya but rather who is getting beaten and who is doing the beating (sometimes literally)

    Jonathan also mentioned the relaxation of norms against the sexual pursuit of children. Once again you can find many of the Alphabet People who quite sincerely will deny this, but I think that this is where is going to end up

    Somebody once mentioned to me that this all of this (LGBT+, abortion, feminism) was all about sex. I also think this is about a lack of prudence because both the abortion and the Alphabet People cannot accept a stop line, a limit, because for both groups to acknowledge such a limit acknowledges an external moral order that calls into question their entire world of sexual libertinism. For the abortionists they demand killing children up-to and beyond the moment of birth because to otherwise legitimizes in some form limits; for the others somehow we have gone from let-and-let-live for adults to Drag Queen Story Hours for pre-K being the hill to die on. I f you think sex is about liberty and your own desires, then that logic has further to run

    If there were limits then we would see a groundswell of disgust for the naming of naval ships for pederasts (USNS Harvey Milk)

  17. To the alphabet crowd:

    I absolutely refuse to participate in anything that requires me to pretend to support someone else’s mental illness and/or sexual confusion issues. You wanna go around dressed like a woman, I’m gonna point and laugh…and that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

    You start molesting young children then you’re going to find yourself on a long walk off a short dock while wearing concrete galoshes. Keep your screwed up garbage to yourself until you’re no longer crazy or you’re dead, and quite honestly I don’t give a rat’s with regard to which of those comes first.

    I’ve never been so happy to be retired from a mega-corpse, ’cause I’d be fired in a millisecond these days for refusing to go along with blatantly evil nonsense. It was bad enough putting up with obviously incompetent diversity hires back in the 90’s, Oughties, and twenty-teens, but they were usually harmless and not bat-shiite crazy.

  18. “… what, if not simple tolerance, the organized gays are really after. Two of the obvious possibilities are political power, and the relaxation of legal and cultural norms against the sexual pursuit of children and young teens by adults.”

    Exactly … more the latter, on the part of the militant organized gays. Which scares the heck out of the gay element who only want to live a quiet life of their own choosing, and for whom being gay is only a small component of their life.
    Loudly pushing for porn in elementary school libraries, drag queen events focused on small kids, Castro Street parades of near naked men in fetish gear, and the demand for not just toleration but rapturous approval will send normal parents spare with anger. When and if a backlash happens, the quiet-life gays will be caught in the splatter.

  19. There are good cultural reasons that behavior ought to be considered immoral, should be shamed and was illegal, but like so many peoples before us we have forgotten the societal poison that comes with the depravity. It’s like some bizarre mixture of the following Chesterton and Tolkien quotes:

    “In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to the fence and says, ‘I don’t like this: I’ll pull it down.’ The more ambitious type of reformer says, ‘I will move the fence!’ The wise type of reformer says, ‘Not to move the fence, but to find out why it was put there in the first place.’”

    – G. K. Chesterton

    “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the Ring passed out of all knowledge.”

    – J. R. R. Tolkien

  20. I’m surprised nobody has brought up the “monkeypox” epidemic from a few years ago; an episode that exposed a lot of different dimensions of American life.

    The first was exposing a part of gay culture that seemed like something from The Onion There was the strange juxtaposition of the gay community wanting the American public to deal with this as a public health emergency while at the same time refusing to tone down for a few months said orgies, gay sex clubs, or other acts of anonymous promiscuity that would have been the most obvious way to fight the epidemic.

    Keep in mind all of this was happening at the tail end of the COVID hysteria where society was shutdown and people not only prosecuted but publicly shamed as selfish and worthy of death for not following the draconian lockdown/vaccination protocols; all for a disease that was seen at worst as inconvenient for most of the population. Asking the gay community to tone it down for a few months in regard to certain practices until a vaccine could be distributed was seen as a step too far.

    Then there was the media which refused to report the epidemic as something that was both isolated to homosexual activity (remember the term “men having sex with men”?) and that could be fought with said modest reductions in certain practices that most people would have thought of as reasonable. For the media, as always, it’s all about making sure the right (or wrong) groups are (or aren’t) being stigmatized.

    Going back to Jonathan’s comment, it really is about a display of power. Back in the ancient history of the 1990s and 2000s, if you follow the debate concerning gay rights, it was sold as assimilating a group that wanted to be brought into traditional American culture and institutions, to be “just like us”. Leave aside the authoritarianism of COVID. it’s considered hateful to ask a group to, not even practice abstinence, but take a chill pill for behavior that I think just about everyone would think is beyond bizarre?

  21. How, indeed, does such a small minority have such an oversized presence? It used to be widely accepted that fringe behaviors should remain on the fringes of polite society. Then the Left would find two people who believed or practiced a fringe behavior/belief, then insist it be mainstreamed as “an equally viable alternative lifestyle.” But the larger society wanted to be seen as fair and open-minded, so we didn’t push back. Thus our empathy was weaponized against us (the Islamists have done this too).

    Normal people are started to get really annoyed by all this. I think the time is right for a brave politician to ask “when does the majority get have a say in how far, and how fast, society changes?”

  22. I remember when it was “We just want to be left alone.”
    Now, “I want to be left alone.” And will be left alone. Violently, if necessary.

  23. well how did a certain public figure put it, you will not be allowed to be uninvolved, the languages needs to change, our history needs to change’ and we have seen how the first and second parts of the project have gone on 14 years later,

  24. I’m sick of it too, big time, and pretty well agree with this post, and at 53 I am not young so it’s not necessarily a generational thing, but I was struck nonetheless to find myself ever so slightly on the other side.

    We can say we don’t care what they do in private, and these things should be private. But they are still pushing back against all the decades when society did care what they did in private, aggressively, and sought them out and punished them for it. Or, even, would identify them for possible watching due to PDAs that even in more conservative times straight people could get away with. I think they make too much of it insofar as in many places that was a long, long time ago [not everywhere], and take it too far by doing things in public no straight people ever did or will do [fetish parades], but I also see where they are coming from if they roll their eyes at “these things should be private”.

    For all that, what goes on now is still about power, and about revolution in general, even beyond specifically alphabet issues, and about the constant desire to have society not only endorse freedoms, but validate and cheer choices, and expand those choices ever more widely. And to take no accountability.

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