The Demons Return

This is Barclay’s Bank, St Johns Wood, after overnight attack by ‘Pro-Palestine’ activists:


“Palestine Action” has openly bragged about this and other attacks on Barclays.

Don’t think this is only a UK thing.  In Washington, DC, ‘protestors’ vandalized monuments on Federal property and threw bottles at a park ranger.

Link with video

It gets worse.  At UCLA, the Chabad Rabbi was assaulted live on camera, with students calling him a “Zionist pedophile Rabbi,” telling him to “go back to Poland.”  Link with video. Also at UCLA: More ‘protestor’ violence.

In NYC, Palestinians and/or their supporters protested outside a theater, attempting to intimidate Jews and their supporters who were inside the theater screening a movie about October 7.  Video.

The response to the events at UCLA from the UCLA Faulty Association was to complain about the university’s (highly insufficient) attempts to contain the ‘protestor’ violence.  “Campuses are not police states. @UCLA stop militarizing our workplace, cease and desist from using police violence against students and employees.”  

It is worth noting that virtually ALL of the recent ‘pro-Palestinian’ (anti-Israel–anti-Semitic–anti-American–and anti-civilization) violence and intimidation has been centered on America’s institutions of higher education.

The title of this post is taken from a chapter heading in Peter Drucker’s 1939 book The End of Economic Man, which is about the rise of European totalitarianism.


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  1. Amazing, really – after spending my younger days absorbed in stories and histories of WWII and the rise of Hitler and his Nazi party, and the vicious persecution of Jews … here I am now seeing it all play out in the present day and for real.
    Reminds me of the cartoon – about learning from history; those who haven’t learned history are doomed to repeat it, while those have learned history are doomed to watch other people repeat it…

  2. It comes down to this. Here in what used to be the United States, we are anything but one country. We have several major factions who seek to destroy it politically, its constitution, and its sovereignty. They are winning.

    We are reaching the point of either absolute collapse, or no quarter warfare . . or both.

    Other countries that used to be considered part of a Western civilization have their own equivalents, albeit with different internal historical and tactical considerations.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. I suspect that a significant factor in the upsurge of anti-Semitism on campus is the importing of large numbers of foreign students and professors who bring their prejudices–and actual hatreds in some cases–with them…and putting them in academic environments which do the opposite of assimilating them into American values–on the contrary, assuring them that hostility to these values is the correct way of thinking.

  4. A crowd is a weapon. The Left learned a long time ago that they can get away with assault and even murder if they use protest signs and free-speech buzzwords. The municipal govts in these situations should be having their police use substantial force to disperse aggressive leftist mobs, and arresting resistors.

    “Campuses are not police states. @UCLA stop militarizing our workplace, cease and desist from using police violence against students and employees.”

    They make a point of objecting to “police violence”. This means they are fine with other types of violence.

  5. I suspect that a significant factor in the upsurge of anti-Semitism on campus is the importing of large numbers of foreign student who have full tuition paid for them, often by their governments. Colleges are desperate for money as applicants drop with demographics and economic reality.

  6. One of the responses to the subway tweet puts it well:

    This is tolerated but skid marks on a pride flag are not.

    The problem is that neither the city govt nor the thugs on the train are scared of Jews.

    Everyone in power who is left of center, which means all NYC public officials, is scared of the gays, because the gays can make NYC politicians lose elections.

    Everyone in power and on the street is scared of Muslims, because Muslim activists tend to be violent.

    Nobody is scared of Jews. Jews are generally law-abiding and non-violent. When victimized they tend to appeal to authority rather than take the law into their own hands. I don’t know why this is; maybe it’s a learned response after many generations of being a small minority that’s always at the mercy of much larger groups. This kind of response doesn’t always work, particularly if the people in authority are hostile or, as seems to be mainly the case in NYC, inept. Maybe things will change. Maybe the Jews will start to take lessons from the Alinskyite Left, the blacks, the Muslims, or the Scots Irish.

    Interesting times.

  7. I suspect that a significant factor in the upsurge of antisemitism on campus is the importing of large numbers of foreign student

    This could be tested through simple observation or by checking through arrest records. I’m not sure if foreign students would, per se, compose the necessary and sufficient factor.

    A couple of other thoughts:

    These protests should be placed within the context of 2020 (Floyd 2.0?) In 2020, most of the world was shutdown and people didn’t congregate; the encampments of the past few months would be inconceivable. The many months that passed between 10/7 and the encampments was not coincidental; this was a deliberate move by the professional organizers to develop a persistent presence that only captured the media cycle but would provide a springboard for more and larger chaos through the summer.

    The students who are taking part in these protests politically came of age during 2020 and the larger pandemic, whether as undergrads or teenagers, but were denied the communal experience of earlier protest movements. To them this is their time to shine and the non-profit networks backing the organizers are that more sophisticated than 4 years ago.

    The reason I can see the antisemitism as being homegrown is looking back over the past 50 years and seeing two trends converge. The first is the “Zionism is Racism” meme from the 1970s/80s that has now become multi-generational and has led to a situation where support of Israel for those under 30 is half of that for those over 50 The second is the trend in K-12 and higher ed to deligitimize the culture through CRT and Woke curriculum; this has created a break between the younger generation and what had been commonly held History. In short, the Holocaust and the long history of antisemitism is no longer a mediating factor in how many of the younger generation view Jews; no more “yeah but.” Jews are now a group tossed into the same pot as whites, to be demonized as the root of evil merely by being born.

    I’m not suggesting that all or even many of the younger generation are committing acts of antisemitism, but the overall situation is creating the type of permissive environment in which those events take place.

    It helps to place these events within tow other frames. 1) Notice the mayhem and societal angst that can be created by a relatively few, but committed, nut cases. These are people, or I should say those who are backing them, who understand social psychology. 2) Pushback works. The campus protests quickly fizzled out at various campuses, especially state schools, where the administration stood up. Even at private schools like Columbia, the only reason you got the reaction you did were the Congressional hearings with the 3 university presidents last year and the revolt of donors.

  8. “Horror gripped Menashe Manzuri as he watched on Monday as an anti-Israel mob swarm the Manhattan exhibit memorial for the Oct. 7 terror attacks and viciously echo the chants of terrorists who murdered his two daughters.

    “I cannot find the right words how I felt when someone is shouting and supporting the people who murder your daughters,” Manzuri said Tuesday.

    “It was like they killed me again and again and again.”


    At least four Oct. 7 survivors huddled at the exhibit “in a panic” as protesters mobbed outside, lit flares and chanted “Long live in the Intifada.”


    Tal Shimony had finished telling the story an audience of 100 about her escape from terrorists at Nova when a producer delivered the shocking news: “There’s an intifada outside.”

    “It was triggering,” said Shimony, 25.

    “I had a panic attack. I was shocked. I thought, ‘How can this be happening?’” said the Israeli, adding that she saw a mob armed with Hamas and Hezbollah flags outside. “I thought, ‘How can this be happening again?’”

    More here:

  9. So they’re firebombing Jewish-named buildings on campuses are they? I can think of a couple of simple solutions.

    First how about we have Congress vs. University Presidents, Round 3? Have some hearing and haul in the chancellors of UCLA and Berkeley and how about just a few other with antisemitic problems on campus. This time with 2 new twists. The first is doing some research to identify pre-existing antisemitic craziness on campus, maybe a student group or some professors, and then when the university critters come up with claims of “free speech” slap back at them the times they restricted other forms of speech.

    Second, I would make this part of a gateway into the election. The higher ed system has had 2 very bad years and right now ranks as low as Congress itself in the public’s eye: Democrats illegally repudiating student debt, the understanding that college doesn’t pay, campuses as a center of hate. The thing that keep the whole rotten enterprise afloat is the government student loan program, which means people who hate the colleges and the students on them are paying for it. Did I mention there is an election coming up?

    Wonder why Trump hasn’t said anything yet. After all none of these people will vote for him and he has a personal stake with a Jewish daughter and her family. He can riff off of the next round of hearings and make this an election issue. Perfect politics. It may also do some good long-term. He can also say he will treat this as a federal civil rights issue, not with DOE investigations, but as a criminal matter

  10. “David Foster
    June 15, 2024 at 10:43 am”

    The American media will absolutely insist that it was a “mostly peaceful” firebomb.

    Subotai Bahadur

  11. you wouldn’t know about it if you read any of the local papers, the Dog Trainer or whatever you call the Chronicle,

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