The Beast in the — Airport?

A recurring theme in this forum … David Baron, call your office: Deer enters, runs around KCI’s Terminal A (Kansas City Star).

Maybe it was running from a mountain lion (“Mountain lions are now fairly common in suburban areas of California and have recently been sighted as far east as urban Kansas City, Missouri, where several have been hit by cars.”).

I could live well on the venison from deer that have wandered through my yard if I could 1) dispatch them quietly and 2) field-dress them without attracting attention.

3 thoughts on “The Beast in the — Airport?”

  1. Well … bow-hunting is fairly silent. It seems to have worked well for the Indians, at any rate. Don’t know about the field-dressing aspect, unless you spirit the carcass into the garage, and put down a large plastic tarp. Then you have the blood and innards and all, and putting it out in the trash will excite comment from the garbage-collectors, to say the very least.

  2. There have been herds as large as 13 in our front yard. Buck sightings are rare. They apparently have a multi-bedroom condo down by the end of the driveway. They’ll show up around sunset, and be seen the next morning, sauntering around and sometimes playing what looks almost like a game of tag.

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