Some Neat Things

Just some neat things I’ve found recently randomly surfing.

Near-perfectly preserved traditional Russian wooden houses with elaborate woodwork. I think these actually predate the Soviet era. 

“Drawings” I guess you would call them, created only by folding paper. 

The world’s 20 most beautiful libraries. 

Sculptures made by revealing the interiors of books. I’m a little conflicted about this art. I like the results but I have a visceral aversion to defacing books. Still, I would like to have the anatomy one.

4 thoughts on “Some Neat Things”

  1. Wow, those libraries sure are beautif–whoa! That’s my town’s library! What’s it think it’s doing, hanging out with all those well-balanced interior spaces, gilded columns, and painted ceilings? Who invited *him* to this party?

    Hahahaha . . .

    Okay, *most* of those libraries sure are beautiful!

  2. The Old British Museum Reading Room (to give it its proper name) has not been a library for some years and the new British Library is peculiar rather than beautiful. But here are a few more links:

    Merton College library, where the volumes are still chained so the scholars do not steal them. King Charles I wanted to borrow some books when he set up camp in Oxford during the Civil War but was not allowed to do so:

    The Radcliffe Camera is part of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. A most spectacular building by James Gibbs:

    You guys want to come over yet?

    And here is my favourite library in London, called London Library, it is a private institution (the fees are going up, sigh) established by Thomas Carlyle and other Victorian worthies. It is tucked away in St James’s Square and its reading room is pure joy, except that the vast red armchairs are so comfortable, it is almost impossible not to fall asleep in them. The stacks are incredible. You can find the most amazing things as you prowl round miles and miles of open shelves.


    Reading room:

    Coming over?

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