Watch The Goode Family

ABC has a new animated comedy by “King of the Hill” creator Mike Judge that takes a satirical look at faddish leftism. Even if you don’t usually watch these kinds of shows you should watch this one. It’s a riot. This trailer doesn’t begin to do it justice. 

My son and I watched the first episode and we had to pause the DVR every couple of minutes so we could stop laughing so hard we couldn’t hear the dialog. The show starts with a shot of a bumper sticker on the back of a Prius that reads, “We support our troops… and their opponents” and just gets more and more humorous from there out.

Judge does a good job of gently poking fun at his subjects without dehumanizing them. Yes, the characters and their views are exaggerated but only compared to real life. They’re not exaggerated compared to most characters on TV. They’re certainly not more exaggerated than the bizarre depictions of  social conservatives that one routinely sees on TV, especially on animated shows. 

You should watch “The Goode Family” and let ABC know you appreciate some balance in TV’s depiction of various parts of the social spectrum. You can watch the first episode online at ABC’s website. 

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  1. Memo to Mr. Mrs. Goode: the Reproductive Health Services booth isn’t where you get information about sex – it’s where you get information about circumventing its side effects :-)

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