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Here are some items I thought might be of interest to Chicago Boyz and Chicago Grrlz and Readerz.

Megan McCardle on the moral infrastructure of capitalism.

via the Assistant Village Idiot, who adds thoughts of his own.

The seen and the unseen–an important article on political decision-making, written by a law school professor and drawing on the work of Frederic Bastiat. Highly relevant to the discussion over Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

via Betsy

A long and well-written comment on my post the age of blather by kathteach. I am (sadly) willing to believe her when she says that few students now learn the art of reading carefully and analytically: however, I remain unconvinced that jargon such as “self-to-self connections” really helps in addressing the problem. Anyhow, the comment (at the end of the thread, at least at the moment) deserves to be read.

Bill Waddell has a baseball analogy for the way in which certain F500 manufacturing companies are run. But after reading about the backround of Obama’s point man on General Motors, I’ve been racking my brains trying to extend the analogy. Maybe someone who was selected as manager of a baseball team after impressing the owner while working on his (the owner’s) campaign for the city council?

Or maybe another analogy entirely.

Now, Brian Deese is probably–unlike the political appointees mocked by Gilbert & Sullivan in the above song–a very bright guy. He may even be a briliant guy. But I venture to say he would never have been selected for this job if his career path had actually been centered around working for companies that actually make things and sell them. Nor, of course, if he had the precise background and skills that he does have but had been working for the losing campaign.

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  1. I believe that the First Lord of the Admiralty mocked by Gilbert and Sullivan is accounted to have competently filled the post. But the operetta is a fearsome weapon when wielded by such as G&S.

  2. Yes, David, I think another analogy is in order. I wrote the baseball piece to state the absurd case … then Mr. Obama’s auto task force one-upped me on the absurdity scale.

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