To Serve Man

In a famous episode of The Twilight Zone, aliens come to earth and declare their desire to help humankind in every possible way. Their benign intentions seem confirmed when it is discovered that they have in their possession a book titled To Serve Man.

Turns out it’s a cookbook.

Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida, very cleverly uses this episode as a metaphor for the current political situation.

2 thoughts on “To Serve Man”

  1. Excellent article – the Twilight zone episode was based on a story by Damon Knight, a science fiction

  2. I think the “To Serve Man” analogy is apt. Leftism is the self-centered pursuit of power by articulate-intellectuals. They are only interested in helping people if doing so makes those people dependent on leftists. Leftist do treat people like ranchers care for cattle. They provide for people physically while progressively stripping away their right to choose how to live.

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