Who’s Left?

The headline reads “Obama losing some support among nervous Dems”. Fair enough, but I found the following paragraph to be very interesting.

“In Missouri, which Obama narrowly lost to McCain, Democratic strategist Steve Glorioso said hardcore base voters were as enthusiastic as ever for Obama but that there was a sense of disappointment about him among less committed Democrats and independents.”

So the dyed-in-the-wool Dems are still rah-rah-rah for their guy, but the shine has worn off for independents and “less committed” Democrats.

Look at it like this. True Conservatives will always balk at Obama because of his statist policies. Those who drank the Liberal kool-aide will always love their guy no matter what.

That means the phrase “less committed Democrats and independents” actually refers to just about everyone who might change their minds. Right?

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

5 thoughts on “Who’s Left?”

  1. I figure that no matter who is in there, roughly 30% of the population will hate his or her guts. If we can keep switching around the person and the party in that spot, so it’s not the same 30% all of the time, that’s probably the best we can do.

  2. Laura is right. Neither the lefties nor the conservatives seem to have figured out that America did not vote FOR Obama last Fall – they voted AGAINST Bush and the Republicans.

    Of course Obama will self-destruct, and he is well on his way to doing so already. Rather than point out the obvious absurdity of the left, conservatives would be better served figuring out what Bush did wrong, and what the next Republican in the White House should do different.

    Criticizing Obama and the left wingers is easy – candy from a baby, fish in a barrel. Criticizing the failed Republican fiscal policies and coming up with solutions is a whole lot tougher – and more important to long term conservative interests.

    John Boehner and his Republican colleagues have taken slamming Obama to an art form – but have yet to tell us one significant difference they would pursue from the Bush policies.

    So plan on the voters throwing the Obamanistas out next election – then throwing the Republicans out the election after that – and flip and flop and flip and flop until one party or the other finally gets it.

  3. Bush failed because he never defended himself and his policies from the democrat attacks. He never counter attacked. He felt leaders must stand above the battle. An old fashioned idea that died under Clinton. It is not long before political disagreements will end up in bloodshed and mysterious disappearances.

    Conservatives can win only if they are willing to engage in the politics of personal destruction and if they can intimidate the MSM as well as Obama and the Iranians have. Conservatives need a full time corps of professional spinners who can denigrate the liberals and construct brilliant presentations of conservative values, approaches and solutions.

  4. Re: Sol Vason:

    Absolutely agreed. Right now, the supposed leadership of the Republican party is paralyzed by fear. They actually physically fear the regime, the Democrats, and the media; all different faces of the same beast. They know that the law does not apply to the regime and its supporters, and they themselves fear selective prosecution for the crime of lese majestie. And they have a terror of losing their privileged positions ass “leaders”. Thus, they are far more at war with their own very disgruntled supposed base than they are against the Leftists running the country.

    The Democrats make public threats of “mobs with pitchforks” and Democrat thugs with clubs intimidate voters at polling places with no legal response. The next step to “Nacht und Nebel” activities is indeed a very short one; especially with the DHS describing pretty much any form of opposition to Obama’s politics as potential terrorist activity.

    If there is to be a return to normal politics in this country, those who have been bullies have to have a fear for consequences to their actions re-installed. I am not sanguine about such a return before a period of “Nacht und Nebel”.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. Oops. That should be “as ‘leaders'” above. No anatomical reference intended.

    Subotai Bahadur

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