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  • Go Maroons!

    Posted by Jay Manifold on July 22nd, 2009 (All posts by )

    The College Crunch Top 50

    Apologies if this is a repeat; I just heard about it from Pejman Yousefzadeh.


    6 Responses to “Go Maroons!”

    1. Lexington Green Says:

      If this were Facebook, I would click “Lex likes this”.

    2. Dan from Madison Says:

      Bah, my alma mater, the good ‘ol U of I doesn’t even make the top 50. Oh well, go Illini anyway.

    3. AlanH (Buanadha) Says:

      Always good to see the UofC get a high ranking. “If I wanted an A, I would have gone to Harvard” ;)

    4. Jay Manifold Says:

      In my case, I could say that if I wanted a degree, I would have gone to Harvard. ;^)

    5. JB Says:

      In my cases, I could say that if I wanted to hate America, become a leftwing activist and deconstruct society while making millions of dollars, I would have gone to Hardvard

    6. Eric Chen Says:

      Plug for my alma mater, number ten on the list:

      If you are a military veteran and interested in an Ivy League degree, apply to the school of General Studies at Columbia University.

      May 4, 2009: Columbia University School of General Studies to Participate in Yellow Ribbon Program

      GS is one of three full-time undergraduate college at Columbia, together with CC and SEAS, NOT a continuing education type program.