Compare and Contrast

Murdoc very kindly gave us a heads up to this fascinating photo blog. Pictures taken in Normandy during the 1944 invasion are compared side-by-side with images taken from the very same spot today. Looks like they cleaned up the place a bit since then.

Uncle points us to this photo array. The weekly food intake of families from various parts of the world are shown in graphic fashion, and the money spent is tabulated. Makes me proud to be an American.

Well worth your time.

4 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. Excellent link…

    Thanks for posting it…

    Great photos of then and now…

    I wonder how much if any Marshall Plan money went into rebuilding Normandy?

  2. The photo-essay on weekly grocery expenditures is interesting but meaningless if we don’t know how much those “average” families earn in a week.

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