2 thoughts on “Paglia on the Democrats”

  1. She’s been critical of the democrats and their hypocricy for years and years; call me back when she puts her vote where her mouth is.

  2. She accurately defines a problem with the left that is caught in narrative fantasy and isolated from the experiences and concerns of real-world people.

    Most leftists have never had to deal directly with the government on a day-in-day out basis. They don’t have to comply with regulations or try to get the government to complete a task. Take your average professor, journalist or even lawyer. How often does the government directly interfere with how they carry out their work? How often do arcane government regulations cause them to abandon projects. How often do government regulators with the power to fine and imprison show up to judge their affairs. How often to they have to wait and wait for the government to come to a decision. How many times a year do they pay taxes?

    For most leftist, government is just fantasy on which they project their aspirations. They don’t know how it actually functions in the real world. They can’t understand why people who do see government functioning day-in-day out don’t share their fantasy.

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