Xenophon’s Vanished Cities

I have been trying to map the physical progress of Xenophon through the Middle East and back to the Greek cities in Anatolia. His starting point is relatively easy to find: the city of Sardis, now called Sart, still exists, although now it is just a village near the ruins. The city was destroyed several times by earthquakes. Sardis
The next city mentioned, Colossae, was located near what is now Denzli (Turkey). They went on to Celaenae, near the present-day town of Dinar, where they remained for 30 days. While looking at the area in Google Earth, I noticed some landscape features that look like they might be the outlines of ancient buildings under the plowed fields. Have a look for yourself.


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  1. @Robert reading off the images, the first (Sardis) seems to be at 38 29 17.47 N 28 02 25.51 E, the second (Colossae) seems to be at 38 02 12.42 N 30 07 34.04 E.

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