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  1. God #1: “Damn! Missed that sucker again!”
    God #2: “You couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a handful of salt! Lemme try!”
    Goddess #1: “Will you two stop that!? Don’t make me pull this cloud over!”

  2. On a recent to California, the flight I was on flew over a storm. Amazing scene, wathcing earthly (sorry, NOT heavenly) fireworks from above/side.

  3. Thanks. It was 200-speed film, f8-f16, camera held against a window with the shutter open for maybe 20-30 seconds. It was easy to anticipate lightning that night. Most of the pics had blurred features from my moving the camera. I cropped the sharpest part of this image and ran it through Neat Image to reduce grain.

  4. It was a 50mm (on a 35mm camera). But this image is cropped to a fraction of its full size.

    I’ll probably eventually post on my photoblog a full-frame version of one of the other pics from that night.

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