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  • New! ChicagoBoyz Ag Scene!

    Posted by Dan from Madison on April 2nd, 2010 (All posts by )

    cows 015

    Annabelle is less than impressed.


    10 Responses to “New! ChicagoBoyz Ag Scene!”

    1. dearieme Says:

      Be careful.

    2. Tatyana Says:

      Annabelle is prepared for AlGore’ visit

    3. Jonathan Says:

      As long as the horns are pointing up you have nothing to worry about.

    4. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Oooooh, I saw one of those, wandering loose alongside of a public footpath in Scotland, during the summer that my brother and sister and I spent in Great Britain! Horns! Shaggy! Menacing appearance! General consternation among the three of us!

      And then we actually got close to it, and discovered that it was about the size of a Great Dane dog.

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      Sgt. Mom – these animals are extremely dangerous – be careful when approaching!

    6. Mitch Says:

      I take it they leave the horns on so you can tell which end is which.

    7. James R. Rummel Says:

      Why do you leave the horns on, Dan? There are wolves in your part of Wisconsin?

    8. Dan from Madison Says:

      The horns are a distinctive part of the breed, and we also leave them so the animals can protect themselves. We don’t have wolves in this part of the state but we do have a blossoming coyote population. The coyotes won’t bother the larger animals, but they would try to take down a calf.

    9. James R. Rummel Says:

      “We don’t have wolves in this part of the state but we do have a blossoming coyote population.”

      I wonder if wild boar would try to take down a calf. They are certainly mean enough.

    10. Dan from Madison Says:

      I wonder. We don’t have them around here though, not that I have seen anyway. I don’t think they would make it through winter. I have heard of feral pigs though, so there is a possibility.