8 thoughts on “Aquarium Setup”

  1. Maybe I’m just seeing everything through a certain filter, but that looks like the perfect visual metaphor for big city life and for where certain parts of the political and social spectrum would like to see us all…

    “Anti-Sprawl” “High Density Housing” Even the badly misnamed “Walkable Neighborhoods”? If I had an appropriate place to post it, I’d steal that picture and have those three captions rotate each time it loads…

  2. I think they jam them together like that so you won’t feel bad about eating them, the idea being that death would be better than such a life, and the sooner the better….

  3. A lot of the markets I saw in Chinatown had a similar thing going on and all of them were very, very busy. I think it is a space issue more than anything – just need to keep the fish alive that day or maybe one day past to sell them as fresh.

    I saw a huge fish delivery truck dropping off fish – interestingly it was a black guy actually dropping off the fish. For some reason I thought it would be a Chinese person. They would get a garbage can full of fish from the truck – they used a huge net – then wheel the garbage can full into the store, then dump the can full of fish into the display aquariums.

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