Own Goals?

The other night on Fox one of the heads characterized Rand Paul’s principled libertarian criticism of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a political “own goal”.

Meanwhile, President Obama not only did not take issue when President Calderon of Mexico, a guest at the White House, used a joint press conference to criticize his hosts because of the State of Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law, Obama actually spoke in support of Calderon’s argument and against the government of Arizona and, implicitly, against his own country.

Here are a couple of questions:

-Did Obama and Calderon coordinate their remarks ahead of time?

-Who really made an own goal here?

9 thoughts on “Own Goals?”

  1. Remember, under motor voter laws illegal immigrants can vote for themselves. They don’t even need drivers licenses. In addition, the can hel others vote.

    Further, remember that illegals can be bussed in large numbers around the country to vote in elections where Progressives need some help making Progress. Illegals can provide the living bodies that the dead need in order to vote. Hispanic bodies cannot be challenged, especially if they cannot speak English because of rules against “profiling”. Also illegals can augment the “security” provided by local progressive paramilitary auxillaries (PPAs).

    It is fortunate that election day comes so close to Halloween (All Souls Day).

  2. The determination of whether Obama made an “own goal” may require some analysis of his purposes. The “War on Arizona” seems to have superseded the War on Terror, whose name may no longer be spoken. I’m happy not to be Gabriel Giffords, my Tucson Congresswoman, as she tries to win re-election after the declaration of war on Arizona by her party.

    As to Rand Paul, I wonder who in the world is advising his campaign ?

  3. Rand Paul may not be smart. In that case he is going to be a real problem. He is going to get the full Bork / Palin treatment for six months. The media smells blood. This guy will be the poster boy for the Tea Party. My bet is he is going to crumble, shoot his mouth off, discredit himself and do a lot of damage.

  4. Michael,

    I don’t think Ms Giffords really has much to worry about. As a Tucson resident I am sure you know that she is a pretty solid ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat from Tucson – a solidly Democratic area. The Pima County (Tucson) sheriff came out against the Immigration Law from the get go and Pima County sued to have it overturned, so the anti-immigration law crowd is substantial in her district.

    She has responded well by opposing the bill, but agreeing with the cause, and she has a pretty strong record of supporting measures to increase border security.

    Those familiar with Arizona politics know that the Immigration Law was really a political master-stroke on the part of Jan Brewer – who has been running a tight race for re-election until this move shot her into the stratosphere in the eyes of the Republican Party faithful. One has to ask why she chose now to drive this bill. In fact, the number of illegals in Arizona – and everywhere – is way down due to the economy. No jobs for Americans means even fewer jobs for illegals. Had her concern been genuine this bill would have been passed a year ago, soon after she took over as governor. In fact, John Munger and Dean Martin were both roaring down her neck for the Republican candidacy and the immigration law was just the trick to distance herself from them.

  5. Bill, I agree but the spectacle of the Democrats in Congress cheering Calderon will haunt her, even in Tucson where the tea party drove out one city council member and almost nailed another one. Tucson is the typical college town but also has a lot of retired military.

  6. Lex & Tatyana: I think Young Dr. Paul does have a learning curve. His first mistake was to go on the Rachel Maddow show. None of his supporters watch it, and no one who watches it will ever support him. But, things are looking up. He canceled out on meet the press. By fall, all of this will be forgotten.

  7. -Is Rand Paul a Democratic target because he is a clueless loser, or because he came out of nowhere and decisively defeated the party leaders’ favored candidate in a highly competitive primary?

    -Whether you think Obama made an own goal might depend on how you view the prospect of Republican campaign ads showing the President criticizing his own country on the White House lawn.

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