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The Handbook of 5GWDr. Daniel H. Abbott, Editor

Self-promotion department…. :)

Nimble Books has published the first authoritative book on the competing interpretations of the military and political theory referred to as “Fifth Generation Warfare“, edited by my friend and collegue Dr. Daniel Abbott. The many contributing authors include academics, journalists such as David Axe, and many blogfriends associated with the former theory site, Dreaming5GW.

My chapter was entitled “5GW: Into the Heart of Darkness“. It is oriented more toward historical case studies than theory and is not in any way, shape or form, a “feel-good” piece. Here is a snippet:

“….This brings us to the probability that for the aforementioned states, their actual options for their ruling elites for adapting to the threat of 4GW will be between accepting varying degrees of failure-from conceding a temporary autonomous zone (TAZ) to rebels, to being overthrown, to imploding into anarchy as insurgents encroach-or “taking the gloves off” and using the indiscriminate, unrestricted violence of genocide to annihilate real and potential enemies before the international community can mobilize to prevent it. History suggests they might well succeed.”

The views within The Handbook of 5GW vary widely, as does the disciplinary approach of the authors, intending to stimulate thought, explore possible scenarios that range from the pragmatic and real to the imaginative and ideal.

Hardcover launch in September, 2010.

5 thoughts on “Kindle Launch: The Handbook of 5GW”

  1. Initially I feel that I am involved with your web site being born in Chicago on 1937. Though I have not read your book 5GW I seem to get the gist of it from your brief capsulation from of one of the chapters resulting in my simple time saving analysis prompting the formulating of my opinion on the book’s subject matter.

    You alluded to many conflicts that will potentially take place on this planet. My interpretation of these conflicts are, that behind them lies a powerful central controlling power that uses these conflicts for their own benefit and agenda thus, the “New World Order” (aka NWO) cartel. This NWO has the political backing from most of the world leaders with the exception of a few holdouts that pose no threat to them which could be easily overthrown in a matter of days.

    The majority of this nations population is totally unaware of the future consequences that the NWO has in store for them. For the first time in our nations political history that so many freedom killing bills have been passed with more on the table by this new administration. Most all of these approved bills have stemmed from the 911 tragedy which is always given reference to by the politicians who fall in line with the president’s agenda, and again approve these freedom liberty killing bills without hesitation not mentioning the many executive orders that have taken place. Without fail, every 2,000 plus page bill is never read by congress or the senate and within these bill lies the viper to attack at will against the orchestrated dumbed down citizens of this once fine nation. Always remember, that our Police State and the SS are synonymous.

    When congress allowed an unqualified presidential candidate to run for office it is at that exact moment our country was virtually compromised to a level of a third world political framework. I strongly believe that the opposition has embedded itself to the extent that no Tea Party can change or overcome its presence. I have come to the opinion as with others, that on November 3 through the 11 of this year that a “false flag” event will take place that will postpone the electoral process for an indefinite period of time keeping Barry Soetero in office.

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