The left’s romance with terrorists.

It is a bit peculiar how the left seems to be fond of terrorists. Bill Ayres and his wife, of course, are prime examples but not the only ones. Some of them have adoring books written about them. Naturally, Sarah Jane Olsen had become a “community activist” in her new identity.

Now we have a new example disclosed today by Andrew Breitbart. Bradblog is a left wing blog that has become very successful while attacking such people as James O’Keefe of the ACORN tapes, and it has spun numerous conspiracy theories about the right and election fraud, etc. It turns out that one half of the blog, which has received over $1.3 million in donations from such sources as Teresa Heinz’s Tides Foundation, is a convicted murderer and terrorist. His name is Brett Kimberlin although he was once known as the “Speedway bomber” as he terrorized a town in Indiana. He was also a drug smuggler and dealer and he eventually ended up with a 50 year prison sentence. He was paroled after only 13 years but, when he refused to make any payments to the widow of one of his victims who had won a civil suit against him, he went back to prison for four more years.

Today he is a prominent figure on the left and his story of how he went to prison, a total fabrication, has made him even more of a hero. It’s pretty interesting reading.

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  1. No surprises here, excellent and illustrative post of how far in the tank modern-day progressives are and their proclivity for violence/those who perpetrate violence.

  2. Well, I am afraid the tradition is older than that. The attraction for the strong men of the 19th century (and many artist’s contempt for Lincoln) indicate that this ugliness has deep roots.

  3. I wonder how much of it is the deep seated realization that they will never convince the majority of people of the rightness of their philosophies and proposals, and see in terrorism an ultimate way to bypass all of that debate. Combine impatience for “final” success with the mythic romaticism of “revolutionary” ways, means and personalities and you have the makings of the curious reverence for someone who provides a pragmatic, if immoral, short cut.

  4. I think a lot of megalomaniacal sociopaths, like Kimberlin and Ayers, are disproportionately attracted to leftists extremism because of the ideology’s support for personal narcissism and self-gratification combined with a pretext to have the moral authority to dominate and control others.

    Certainly the 60s ethos of sex and drugs and the rejection of all moral restraints on individuals would have appealed to sociopaths. It let them pursue all the thrills they wished without censure. Kimberlin could steal, use drugs and have sex with minors in the leftist’s subculture of the 60s. “Fighting against the man” gave him the excuse to lash out violently whenever he felt angry or disrespected.

    As an aside, I think that the Tides Foundation’s president is a former Weatherman terrorist.

  5. Joe – don’t be stupid. It is the multiple bombings that make the guy a terrorist. The left heralds this guy. Try as you do to squirm around that reality, there it is and there it remains.

  6. The position and notoriety of these people speaks volumes about those who they associate with and who welcome the association.

    Here in Colorado in the 1970’s, we had difficulties with the “Nation of Atzlan” and “La Raza Unida“, both groups dedicated to separating the Southwestern states from the US and creating a Hispanic racially pure socialist paradise modeled on Cuba. Those difficulties included the planting of bombs in various public places in the Metro Denver area, and voluminous threats of such bombs.

    Wearing a badge different from the one I wore when I retired, during that period I spent a great deal of time looking for those explosive devices. Once, in a pediatric cancer ward in a hospital. Perforce, I learned a bit about the planters, and also I learned that then-Captain Bob Shaunessy of the Denver Police Bomb Squad had big brass ones that clanged when he walked.

    We knew who was behind these events. Several of them were charged. A number of them are now senior Democrat officials in Colorado. Their known background was and is an asset in their rise in the Democrats.

    I may not be totally unbiased on the subject, but I think it says something about the Democrats in my state, and nationally.

    Your mileage may vary.

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. Breitbart is on the case, this is HUGE. Its frankly unbelievable he was not jettisoned from liberal circles before this point, but it is to late. The die is caste, Kimberlin is ruined.

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