Holiday Music

A large vendor of mine was kind enough to send me a cd of Holiday music. The songs on the disc:

Winter Wonderland
Frosty the Snowman
Favorite Things
Blanket Full of Snow
Jingle Bells
March of the Toys
Holiday Cheer
Sleigh Ride
Suger Plum Fairy

I would assume that you can figure out why I am pissed off.

I am no religious nut and don’t attend any church, but it pains me to see Christ taken out of Christmas over and over. As I have stated before, I don’t see the harm in celebrating what Jesus stood for and/or what he did while on this earth, if nothing else. Even if you don’t think he was a god or deserves to be worshipped, wasn’t he an ok guy?

On another level, Christmas is a FEDERAL holiday – I wonder why hard left groups and others who want to de-legitamize Christmas and other mentions of Jesus don’t go after just repealing the holiday named Christmas. I think we know why – they would get trounced out of office, that is why.

Needless to say, my vendor has received an angry email from me telling them to KEEP their stupid cd next year and just give a $3 (or whatever amount it cost to make the cd) credit to the charity of their choice instead.

10 thoughts on “Holiday Music”

  1. Well as someone who went to a junior high progam at the local public school where the song they chose and chose to act out was “Mama Got Run Over by a Reindeer” nothing surprises me.

  2. I would thank him for a gift like that – just as I thank people wishing me a merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah. I celebrate neither, but it costs nothing to be polite.

  3. Dan,

    You were Angry that a private company decided to down-pedal the religious aspect of Christmas?

    That’s not part of a “War on Christmas”, that’s just one companies best bet on how to participate without being offensive to high strung Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians who don’t celebrate.

    I don’t attend a church, and the real War on Christmas offends me, but this doesn’t really seem like a big deal, just a standard business decision.

    Now, if they’d sent you a version of “The Christmas Shoes”, that’d be something to be angry about!

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Ed – It was not a private company, it was a fortune 500 company.

    Why even send out anything at all to celebrate the “holidays” then (i.e. Christmas), if they are so worried about their sensitive customers of other faiths?

    Logically, you may wonder if they send Ramadan and Passover music discs to all of us during those seasons that didn’t mention those religious observances? No, they did not. It is an obvious and intentional insult.

  5. I would be angry but not quite for the same reasons as Dan is. You send out Christmas music because you want to affiliate with the positives of Christmas. That’s fine but if you’re going to get the advantages, suck it up and take the disadvantages as well. Those that denature Christmas are slimy hypocrites who want only the good without any cost. Life doesn’t work like that.

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