“Charles Krauthammer on his distinguished career in writing and ideas”

This is a delightful interview of Krauthammer by William Kristol from earlier this year. It’s quite long but the whole thing is worth watching.

In this conversation, Charles Krauthammer reflects on his upbringing in a politically-tumultuous Quebec, his work in medicine, and his views on Zionism, Judaism, and religion. Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol also discuss some of the key ideas, questions, and themes of his writing—including the “Reagan Doctrine,” an idea he coined, the role of America in a new post-Cold War world, and whether the America of 2015 is in decline.

(A timeline of the interview appears on the interview’s YouTube page.)


“The Speech” — Ronald Reagan, October 27, 1964

Fifty years ago today Ronald Reagan made a famous televised speech in support of Barry Goldwater’s doomed presidential candidacy. The speech was entitled “A Time for Choosing” — but it came to be known simply as “The Speech”.

As Goldwater crashed and burned, Reagan ascended in a single bound to being the leader and embodiment of the American Conservative movement.

It was a spectacular launch to his political career.

Michael Barone has a good piece about The Speech today.

The text of The Speech is here.

Much of it could be read today and it would still apply, word for word.


Here is a good article about The Speech and the rise of Reagan: Reagan, Goldwater and Rise of Conservatism, by Pat Horan.

Reagan Roundtable – Should Governor Walker Go Nuclear?

I am not sure if the Reagan Roundtable is still going on but oh well, one more entry can’t hurt. Here is how he handled a public sector union.

Well then.

Similarly, the teacher “sickout” here in Wisconsin, or as it should be called, wildcat strike, is illegal. Teachers unions, by state of Wisconsin law, are not allowed to strike. So can Walker go all Reagan on them? Should he? The Madison Metropolitan School District has already gone to court to try to secure an injunction to get the teachers back to work and failed. But thats Madison for you. I have not heard if they will be appealing that yet and cannot find why the court said no. I imagine they are still calling it a sick out rather than a strike or work stoppage. I would be interested to hear your comments on the nuclear option.

Reagan Roundtable: The Art of the Deal

Ronald Reagan’s monicker as President was always “the Great Communicator“, for his command of message and the medium of television, though Reagan had a considerable ability to read a live audience as well. Everyone acknowledged Reagan’s rhetorical wizardry, even his Democratic critics, who took some comfort in imagining that Reagan was “only a B movie actor” reading his lines. A nickname that would have pointed to one of his greatest political skills would have been “the Great Negotiator” because Reagan’s talent for winning favorable outcomes, legislatively and diplomatically, is rivaled among presidents only by FDR and LBJ. Yet few pundits give Reagan that credit of being a master of the art of the deal.

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