5 thoughts on “Photoshop – Wow!”

  1. That’s amazing. It’s been a while since I played around with the plugins, and it looks like as with all technology, they’ve advanced quite a bit. Either that or I didn’t know what I was doing and haven’t gotten the most out of them. (probably the latter)

  2. Here’s a source for some really good (and free) Photoshop plugins that are easy to use, and have enabled even me to do some really cool stuff. My favorite feature is the “random” button that some of the filters have. It generates random numbers for the variables of that filter that lets you find cool effects that might not have discovered otherwise. Sadly, I have found that playing with them is adictive, and many things have gone undone since I downloaded them. So beware!



  3. I looked at those galleries and thought ‘Oh I get it. Michael’s playing a joke.’ But no, ya’ll are serious. I can’t imagine why. That is stuff is amatureish garbage. Can’t you see it’s photo’s being run through standard Photoshop filters?

    Filters->Artistic->Colored Pencil.

    Those photos are *awful*.


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