DC Get-Together This Sunday!

Several members of the Chicagoboyz conspiracy are going to meet up — and eat up. (Our woman on the scene says that this place has great dim sum.)

Anyone who wants to join us is welcome. Here are the when/where details:

Sunday, June 20, 11:45 AM

China Garden restaurant
1100 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
(703) 525-5317

(If you are coming from DC, this is just over the Key Bridge from Georgetown.)

UPDATE: That’s Sunday, June 20 (I initially typed the wrong date).

UPDATE 2: To facilitate identification:

12 thoughts on “DC Get-Together This Sunday!”

  1. Too bad I can’t make it. I was out in DC for a month back in Dec/Jan for a business trip, and I liked the Arlington area.

  2. Can you or your VP for Academic Affairs pick up the tab for me and my significanbt other (or my wife in case she can’t make it)? Or get a grant? advise.

  3. Freddie! It’s no problem. Give us your bank acct number and we’ll wire the cash from our source in Nigeria.

  4. OK, so who made it, and what happened? Were there Boyz there who never connected with each other? Most of us don’t know what the others look like. (For ease of identification, I myself am eight feet tall, 350#, and usually in a bad mood.)

  5. It ended up being just our fearless leader Jonathan, Michael Hiteshew & his daughter, and me. None of us had ever met in person before (except, of course, the Hiteshews). The service was bad, but the food was good. Jonathan indeed wore his glad shirt for identification purposes.

  6. I enjoyed the company and the food. The shirt came in handy for ID and probably discouraged aerial attack.

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