Camera Please!

From the campaign trail:

Kerry invited Aspen resident and writer Hunter S. Thompson to ride in his motorcade and brought three copies of Thompson’s book about the 1972 presidential race, “Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail” for autographs.

“Just to put your minds all at ease, I have four words for you that I know will relieve you greatly,” Kerry told the fund-raiser. “How does this sound — Vice President Hunter Thompson.”

The only thing keeping this from becoming a Michael Dukakis-in-the-tank moment is the lack of a compelling visual to go with the quote.

6 thoughts on “Camera Please!”

  1. Yea, I’ll take him too, especially if I can find out on the QT and lay about 10K on the Bush re-elected contract before the announcement.

  2. If he truly is NOT a stiff, all the better, but I think this was a little hippy-dippy-trippy flashback he had.

  3. If Hunter ran America … you’d have a chance. As it is … the “Decline and Fall” is being watched worldwide.

    Do What Now ???

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