Annals of Idiocy

Many observers consider Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) to be the dumbest person in the Senate, perhaps in the entire United States Congress. Consider, for example, this 2002 Murrayism regarding Osama bin Laden:

We’ve got to ask, why is this man so popular around the world? Why are people so supportive of him in many countries that are riddled with poverty? He’s been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful.

Yeah, women in Taliban-controlled areas like the convenience of dropping the kids off at the day care center before they check themselves in for the whipping or the stoning.

This moron has been appointed by the Democratic leadership to the budget super-committee.

Murray’s brand of politics has plenty to do with the financial situation in which the U.S. now finds itself. See, for example, her threats of retaliation against any Senators who might vote for an anti-pork bill. Just the sort of person one would want to put on a committee to address the deficit.

Michelle Malkin remembers interviewing Murray several years ago:

We were talking about federal entitlement spending. I asked her about FICA taxes. She didn’t know what I was talking about; when I said “payroll taxes,” she still had a frozen blank look on her face.

The Democratic Party is destroying America.

13 thoughts on “Annals of Idiocy”

  1. A stupid Patty as co-chairman and two extreme lefties are Harry Reid’s contribution to the committee. THat about sums it up with regard to the Democratic party. America is doomed with these clowns.

  2. The upside of Reid’s selections to the super committee is that he has signaled he has absolutely no intention of negotiating anything, and that there will be no good faith effort the Democrats part. The only thing that surprises me is that he laid his cards face up on the table at the very start.

  3. Tatyana–thanks for the link. The author of the tweet, who represents himself as Michael Moore, is not only blaming the messenger but is advocating that Obama declare himself dictator by arresting an individual, without any shred of legal authorization, in retaliation for constitutionally-protected expression of opinion. I’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing from “progressives” lately.

    In 2004, the then-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, along with other leading Democrats, attended a special premiere of Moore’s new movie. Moore is not an outlier; he is close to the core of the “progressive” movement which now controls the Democratic Party.

  4. Doesn’t her fellow Senator from Washington, Maria Cant think (Cantwell) give her a run for her money in the stupid department?

  5. One of my “favorites” is Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), who thought Ben Bernanke had been chairman of Goldman Sachs, and when informed that this wasn’t correct, went on to ask him which Wall Street firm he HAD been CEO of….

  6. No, our junior senator, Maria Cantwell, would not be a candidate for the “no rocket scientist” award, which Murray won twice.

    Cantwell is unpleasant, but does have an IQ above 100. (How much above is hard to say, given our area’s partisan journalists.)

    I wouldn’t mind having Murray as a neighbor, though smart neighbors would give her the easy tasks at neighborhood potlucks. (And I would avoid eating anything from Cantwell, unless I had a food taster.)

    Some say Barbara Boxer could compete with Murray for the “no rocket scientist” award.

    (Incidentally, when the Washingtonian maganzine was giving out that award, Democrats almost monopolized it.)

  7. I’d vote for my senator, Barbara Boxer, as the least intelligent. But let’s not underestimate our ideological opponents. Clever, devious, and manipulaive doesn’t necessarily mean stupid.

    However, based on the quality of their arguments and public statements, one can certainly question their rationality.

  8. Don’t pick on Patty Murray. She’s the best Seattle Democrats have to offer. Consider the worst: McDermott.

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