Urban Cow…

… who is not very good at playing hide and seek.

(In the middle of suburban San Antonio is a city park on the grounds of a dairy farm, which was a going concern until about fifteen years ago. The farm complex still has a few cows, and a full-time caretaker who lives on the grounds. Now and again they have an open house, and demonstrations of cow-milking and calf-feeding. Yes, indeed – San Antonio has an official cow-keeper. And some official cows, too.)

8 thoughts on “Urban Cow…”

  1. Well, we’ve had an influx of people moving in from other States, lately, Bill! And of course, small children who live in a city, they have to be reminded.

  2. With the lead in blurb, I expected a mooving picture, not a print. Before I milk this for more udderly ridiculous bovine humor, I’ll stop. I’ve enjoyed San Antonio, running a good chunk of the river walk and in several suburban neighborhoods while on business trips, but never noted the cow. Dairy say it looks more like a Michigan cow than a Texas longhorn?

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