New Photos

I posted a bunch of new pics over at my photoblog.

UPDATE: I think that while there are one or two winners in this batch of photos my October submissions were stronger. Also, looking back further, my earliest photo postings seem to have been even more frequently good (by my taste, anyway). I may have lowered my posting standards, but perhaps some of the earlier pics, having been already distilled by my repeated viewing and evaluation of several years’ accumulated photos, were indeed better. Some of the images that I posted recently are only days old, so it could be that I lack perspective to judge them accurately. It’s easy to fall in love with particular images, even mediocre ones, but with time it also becomes easier to winnow the wheat from the chaff. So the “photo of the day” concept doesn’t do much for me, but maybe the photoblog is a good way to organize work to see what stands the test of time. Maybe I should reorganize the blog around a gallery of favorites, kept regularly updated by going back over old work every X months and seeing which images still stand out.

3 thoughts on “New Photos”

  1. Not being modest. Glad you like them but I think it helps to put some time between the photo event and the act of selecting the best images. Maybe in future I should set photos aside for a few months before posting them, or at least should make an occasional effort to prune the galleries.

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