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  • Posted by Jonathan on January 7th, 2005 (All posts by )

    Many members of the animal kingdom read ChicagoBoyz. Here one of our marsupial fans goes to his den in the evening to blog.


    14 Responses to “”

    1. Ralf Goergens Says:

      Are you sure that this is one of our readers? It kind of looks like a weasel, and being a Marsupial, it has long and doubtlessly very sticky fingers, not to mention the inegrated bag to carry off the loot.

      So all things considered I have to conclude that this an UN-representative caught in some dirty act. Sorry.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      Worry not, Ralf! It’s an opossum, not a weasel. He even votes Libertarian. At least that’s what he told me.

    3. Ralf Goergens Says:

      He even votes Libertarian. At least that’s what he told me.

      Ther worst kind Jonathan, the worst kind. And are sure that it’s na opposum and not a weasel wearing white-face? He has the look of the reverse-minstrel show escapee about him.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      Ralf, you may be right! How could I have made such a beastly miscalculation?

    5. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      He gets an RSS feed on his blackberry. I’ll bet he still uses snail-mail though. Probably reads the dead tree version of the WSJ too.

    6. Ralf Goergens Says:

      It’s a backstab or be backstabbed world. Americans simply don’t have enough practice living by these rules.

    7. Steven Den Beste Says:

      When’s he gonna start posting on the site? Complaining about the rassin-frassin placental global hegemony, and demanding equal rights for marsupials…

    8. Tyouth Says:

      Those rules ….. Laws of the Jungle?

    9. Jonathan Says:

      Steven, yes! I am trying to get him set up to blog but he is slow to return my emails. Something about thumbs. Does anyone make a tail operated mouse?

    10. Jonathan Says:

      Hmm. . … perhaps I should rephrase that.

    11. Lex Says:

      Possums are pretty weird creatures. Really primitive looking. What political orientation do they ordinarily have? Paleocon? We could live with that, I guess.

    12. Dave Schuler Says:

      Can any of you tell me if this marsupial is an fact…marauding?

    13. Jonathan Says:

      Dave, he claims to maraud but as far as I can tell his marauding is confined to stealing cat food. Mostly he just hangs around.

    14. j.scott barnard Says:

      Paris Hilton?