9 thoughts on “Read and Weep”

  1. Yes, indeed, Wolfsberger.

    I cross posted this on coffeehousewall.co.uk as this incident has caused a great deal of outrage, needless to say, in Britain … although not as much as it should have because the British establishment has decided that islam is a “race” and anyone chaffing against it, or complaining about officious muslims, like this one, can be accused to “racism”. The British establishment seems not to understand that islam is not genetic.

  2. And the pity of it is – that incidents like this will increase prejudice against Muslims, though official favoritism exercised with such an obvious and heavy hand against people who otherwise would probably been indifferent.

  3. One should be intolerant and prejudiced against intolerant, barbaric political organizations and philosophies. It matters not that the political organization has a religious aspect.

  4. I have been known to frequent the Brit libertarian site SAMIZDATA; where I have commented there before:

    If you are a Brit who loves liberty, and prefers self-reliance to servitude to the State, get out now. If you are willing not to bring Brit PC/statist attitudes with you, come here and join us. I grant that it is all but impossible for a European to immigrate here legally; but I point out that our government has deliberately erased the southern border.

    I have been watching articles in Brit papers for the last few months advising young Brits how to best become an expat for economic reasons. Political reasons should be part of the mix.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. This prole clearly needs to be sent to the Ministry of Love. Upon return to Airstrip One, he made the mistake of using oldspeak. He should be careful what he says lest he become an unperson.

  6. Sheep are made to be herded, shorn, and slaughtered.

    You can only run so far, and America is the last stop.

    No, don’t come here to run. We don’t need you, we have cowards aplenty.

  7. Being English in England is now regarded, prima facie, as an indictable offence if you confess to it. But only if you are white and your parents were born there.

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