Israel, Obama, Propaganda, and Reality

As the election approaches, Obama is turning up the volume on his assertions that he’s been a great friend to Israel.

This video tells a different story, and I think clearly a much truer one.

The video is long…30 minutes…but it is well-done. If you value the safety and survival of Israel…if you are concerned about the threat of terrorism to Americans and others around the world…if you believe it would be a very bad thing for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons…and if you are even remotely considering voting for Barack Obama or sitting out the election, then you owe it to yourself to watch this video.

link via Robert Avrech

9 thoughts on “Israel, Obama, Propaganda, and Reality”

  1. I think the only reason Obama has Israel’s back is so he has lots of options for where he can plant the knife.

  2. Parsing the differences between the Obama speech and the Netanyahu speech.

    Scott Johnson says that

    “The Obama administration has become a formidable protector of Iran’s nuclear program against an Israeli preemptive strike”

    It’s difficult to avoid the further conclusion that the Obama administration has acted as a protector of the present Iranian REGIME, given the President’s lack of interest in supporting dissidents in that country, in contrast with his enthusiastic support of regime-overthrowing efforts in other Middle Eastern countries.

  3. @David – and to further expound on your thought, what is the difference between dissenters getting murdered in Syria vs Libya?

    One has to wonder – WWRD – What would Reagan do – when Iran was on the verge of toppling from the Students – or the Syrian situation today –

  4. More from Robert Avrech:

    Like George Orwell, Seraphic Secret believes that language matters. Obama’s speech to AIPAC was filled with his trademark “I,” as in “I have your back.”

    It should be: “America has your back.”

    Setting aside the absolute zero which is at the heart of Obama’s promise, let us note that the first person narrative is a rhetorical device used by those in power to project a personal involvement. In this way, through a standard literary device, Obama casts himself as the protagonist in a heroic drama.

    This is how dictators and totalitarians move the masses. It is how the cult of personality is established and maintained. The state—in this case America—becomes indistinguishable from the head of state. Remember, the German army took an oath of loyalty to Adolph Hitler, not to Germany. To the Chinese Mao was China and China was Mao. There is no Cuba without Castro.

    America as a Republic, has resisted the monarchic worship of personality—until now.

  5. If you think America should bomb Iran this week say so. If you think Israel should, say so …merely badmouthing Obama is worthless

  6. Nate, are we allowed to discuss it ? In view of recent legislative actions, I wonder if that is allowed ? Just because we think Obama lies when his lips are moving, we mean no harm to him. Let our parole officers know, will you ?

  7. merely badmouthing Obama is worthless

    If pointing out what Obama is doing is badmouthing him, that tells us something important about Obama, no?

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