12 thoughts on “The Democratic Party – War on Women”

  1. Pfft. I thought for sure that the “bitter clingers to God and guns” comment of Obama would end his chances in 2008. I have no confidence that this will be remembered two weeks from now.

  2. I would agree with you Percy. There is good news however – the Romney campaign was very quick to react, and they even have a page up already with bumper stickers for sale. If the zero’s people make a big gaffe closer to the election, it may buy Romney some votes.

  3. Just … wow. I thought that after the working mom & the mom-with-job-outside-the-home ruckus had been pretty well resolved in the 80s … or at least everyone’s consciousness had been raised as to the fact that raising kids and keeping house was, in fact … work. Ms Rosen kinda stepped in it. And every word she has said since makes it even worse. The purely amazing thing is that she is supposed to be an experienced and professional communicator.

  4. Was that pudgy face in the middle one Eric the Red-stater? Did that bonehead have anything to say about the Rug Muncher’s stupidity?

  5. Romney can manufacture all the controversies he wants, but the 16 percent lead Obama has opened up with female voters shows that Romney isn’t fooling all that many. American women know the difference between staying home to take care of the kids and staying home while the help takes care of the kids – a distinction that appears to be lost on the Fox news crowd.

    Must be annoying to be constantly mugged by annoying things like reality and percentages.

    “rug muncher” – hmm..that must be the big GOP tent I keep hearing about.

  6. Romney isn’t criticizing other people’s family arrangements. Are you saying that, with Mr. Romney earning $millions, Mrs. Romney should have taken a paying job for the purpose of getting away from her home and children to demonstrate her feminist independence? If so, why? If not, perhaps you will explain why the Romney family’s choices should be anyone else’s concern.

    Interesting how this controversy displaced the Trayvon Martin controvery, which displaced the Sandra Fluke controversy, etc. How many more of these phony controversies will the Democrats gin up by November to distract from Obama’s terrible job performance?

  7. It would be nice is Mrs Romney took a $300K do-nothing job like Michelle – given to her simply because her husband was a Senator – that’s the American way! ;-)

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