12 thoughts on “Your Friday Duck Blogging!”

  1. Is George Soros starting to buy Hillary futures on intrade? 43.2-43.9 three years before the first primary!

  2. I think it’s more likely that the consensus is shifting her way by process of elimination. She is both an obvious candidate and has been careful not to be seen as opposing the war. The success of the Iraqi election makes her stance appear increasingly to have been the right one to take as compared to the positions of other nationally prominent Democrats.

  3. From Ducks to Hillary! Everything is interconnected.

    I’d like to see both plucked and slow-roasted Peking-style, then hung on a hook for awhile. Diced, with fatty skin on, they’ll both contribute to several delicious stir-fry meals for the kids and I.


  4. Richard, you deliver the goods on Clinton with that link.

    Arkansas corn-stuffed Duck makes the best liver-paté.


  5. Sorry Chel, I was in a wry mood, and Richard’s link to Clinton’s Carteresque chatter at Davos set me off.

    I am not a cannibal, but I’d still like to see Hillary roasted on a spit, proverbially speaking. Maybe Vince Foster’s ghost can be the cook.


  6. It’s not good to eat politicians as they are generally unclean. There is also, in this particular case, the risk of mad cow disease.

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