Israeli Govt. Letter to Pro-Palestinian Activists

Martin Kramer on Facebook:

Some pro-Palestinian ‘activists’ may make it onto flights to Ben-Gurion Airport for tomorrow’s ‘flytilla.’ (Many of them won’t, since Israel provided foreign airlines with lists of persons who will be denied entry, and the airlines have been canceling their reservations in compliance.) Those who do get through will be sent right back, but not before being handed this letter. Have a nice flight.

The letter is well worth a click. Read it here.

UPDATE: One of the initial commenters in response to Kramer’s FB post takes the Israelis to task for producing this “childish” letter. I disagree. The letter isn’t for the benefit of a few anti-Israel activists who are never going to change their minds. It’s a clever PR move that costs nothing and will get a lot of exposure. The Israelis should do more of this kind of thing and we should too.

5 thoughts on “Israeli Govt. Letter to Pro-Palestinian Activists”

  1. Just remember that Benjamin Netanyahu is a close personal friend of Mitt Romney, from before either of them were involved with politics.

  2. Yes – and I’m beginning to suspect that Romney has a quiet set of priorities that we may find attractive. I hope so. And I hope the sense of proportionality that conceived this letter, even if the recipients appear not to understand such common sense.

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