A Sign of the Times

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2 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times”

  1. You should invite either The Bloggess or Ken from Popehat to respond to this stupid spam. They love to write snarky blog posts making fun of these types of idiots.

    Warning: there’s language that might be a bit rough, if you’re the type who doesn’t appreciate such.

    Felony Arrest

    If Your Job Is Spamming Strangers About Kardashians, Then Your Mother Is Ashamed of You. Or Should Be.

    Marketing gone bad


    You might think these are mindless-but-funny snark-filled rants about the subject, but even there, there’s legitimate discussion of the idea that someone is foolishly giving these incompetent, dimwitted marketing firms the power to act in their name and tick people off with their scattergun spam technique.

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