Another short Wisconsin recall update below the fold if you like.

I remember when Bill Clinton was president. That guy could do anything wrong and it was like teflon – the event just slid off of him as far as his popularity went. I told my wife at the time when the bl#wjob in the oval office thing came out that if Clinton can get away with that, he can get away with anything.

Well, Scott Walker isn’t quite Bill Clinton, but he is starting to have the appearance of a teflon coated politician.

The MSM here online and on TV has relentlessly attacked Walker over and over. It is 100% blatant and frankly, I don’t understand how our media can even pretend to call themselves impartial anymore. But nothing is working. The latest poll shows Walker with a six point lead. Personally, I think it is greater. Walker has actually extended his lead since Barrett was nominated.

We vote on June 5. Anything can happen, but if things stay the way they are, it looks very, very good for Walker.

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6 thoughts on “Teflon”

  1. I read in the WSJ today that the unions spent all their dollars ($5M) trying to defeat that Milwaukee mayor in the Democratic primary. That is AWESOME having democrats set up a recall election and then spend their $ in the primary killing one another, and failing even to do that.

    The WSJ also said that the dems asked for $500k from the Washington party and they said no.

  2. I have also heard and read that the national Dem party isn’t sinking any money into the race. The unions gave a TON of $$$ to Falk but the party establishment knew she didn’t have a snowballs chance against Walker since she is such a leftist and union suckup. So they kneecapped her. Plain and simple.

    I detest Falk politically, but at least she just came right out and said she was going to roll back everything Walker did so you knew where she stood. Barrett would probably roll back less than half of the reforms (if that).

    Sadly for him it doesn’t appear that he will have the chance.

  3. I’n reading Jay Cost’s book, “Spoiled Rotten,” about how the Democratic Party became so beholden to the interest groups that make up its membership. It’s an interesting story and goes back to Jackson who I think was a very destructive president. When government was small, it didn’t matter much.

  4. >>> Sadly for him it doesn’t appear that he will have the chance.

    …But very, very happily for us plebes.

  5. BTW, Reagan was generally considered the first Teflon PotUS, in my recollection. JFK was, too, I suspect, but teflon wasn’t in common use until after his death.

  6. I think in JFK’s time the rules were different. The press simply did not report on the personal affairs of public figures to the degree they do now since it was considered impolite and generally off limits (except in gossip columns).

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