Mommy track

This photoshopped parody of a Newsweek cover is simply hilarious. Everyone knows that Obama’s sudden “conversion” to support of single sex marriage is pure fund raising pander. It might cost him some votes but black churches are unlikely to turn on him and the others who would be offended won’t be voting for him anyway.

The one beneficial effect is to instantly end the questions raised about evangelical support of the Morman candidate. Obama has consolidated Romney’s base for him in one statement.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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  1. Now that is funny.

    On Prop 8 – CA’s initiative against same sex marriage – overturned by a solitary judge in the Fed 9th Circuit (may the rest of the country be blessed with the 9th Circuit ;-)

    Anyway there was a lot of support from the black churches.

    I am sure this will cause their members some angst but he will lose some.

    How much remains to be seen.

  2. That might be the photoshop of the year.

    I recently had a conversation with a middle aged mother who just thought that the zero was dreamy that he came out (heh) in favor of gay marriage. I said, what did she think of all of the countries in the Mideast that basically kill you if they find out you are gay? It was an uncomfortable silence for her.

  3. I am idly wondering how many of the Hollywood and big entertainment names who have been blatent and over-the-top in their support of Obama will suffer a falling-off in their popularity with the general public because of their support.

    I wonder how many former fans of people like Oprah, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, or Whoopi Goldberg and the like are just quietly walking away, or will be walking away in the next few months. For instance; I used to love Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor, and never missed an episode … but he became so unpleasant and one-sidedly so about GWB after 2004, and so fall-down-worshipful of Obama in 2008 that I finally stopped listening at all. Today I wouldn’t walk across the street to pour water on Garrison and crew if they were on fire. Stopped supporting the local public radio station partly because of it, too … and I used to be contribute pretty regularly.

    I wouldn’t say that there would be anything obvious going on, like the Dixie Chicks boycott … but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that former fans are quietly ditching stars who have made a big thing of attaching themselves to Obama.

  4. Bill, black churches almost single handedly pushed prop 8 through in California. The proposition only passed with 52% of the total vote, yet the black vote was 70% in favor. Had Obama not been on that November ballot and energized California’s black voters, would prop 8 even of passed?

    Of course in the immediate aftermath of it’s passage did the homosexual lobby go down to and protest in front of the black First AME Church in south central LA? Nope. Rather, they almost exclusively picketed the Mormon temple in Westwood off Santa Monica blvd.

    It was clear to me the Democratic party activists directed the protests and know which hand to bite and which hand not to bite. If the Mormon Romney gives President Obama a handful this election season it will be interesting to see what happens then.

  5. Sgt.

    I don’t know much about country music, but I’m all but certain the Dixie Chicks haven’t sold much since one of them decided to insult POTUS overseas.

  6. Jason – it is true the Dixie Chicks have cratered – but it is mostly because of their base – now you insult the POTUS to that base – conservative people from TX, Midwest – well, C & W fans everywhere – there will be repercussions.

    I still remember a news video of seeing fans throw 1000s of Dixie Chicks CDs in front of a steam roller.

    But if your Bruce Springsteen? George Clooney?

    You are safer ;-)

    Still with the Dixie Chicks I get a bit of Schadenfreude – they came up the hard way – as most musicians/actors – playing for tips on Dallas sidewalks.

    So now, it seems, they are back on the sidewalks despite their efforts to branch out to other kinds of music.

    They have been branded.

  7. The Dixie Chicks were a particularly prominent example of spitting in the eye of your supporters. I can’t really think of another example.

    In the studio days, the stars were kept away from politics, for the most part, and the few examples, like Bogart and Bacall flying to New York to protest the HUAC hearings, were quickly regretted as having been “duped.” The old studio moguls came up the very hard way and most were conservative Jews. Jack Warner donated some war craft, etc. Of course, they were fighting Nazis. Nobody knew much about Lillian Hellman and Dashiel Hammet, except their stories. Clark Gable, against his studios wishes signed up to fight although he was mostly an instructor. The few who really were in action were people like Jimmy Stewart, David Niven (in UK) and lesser stars. Ironically, Sterling Hayden became a lefty but was an OSS hero. His politics came after the war. These were the people who could not understand the success of Forrest Gump. It was a mystery to them.

  8. Sgt. Mom, I’m with you on Garrison Keillor. Our family enjoyed Prairie Home every weekend for years. We even made the trek a few times from KC to St. Paul to catch a show at the Old Fitz. The liberal schtick and insults during the shows were annoying enough but in his opinion columns that appeared in the papers he showed himself as a downright rabid and unhappy lefty who was deeply at odds with a good third of his audience. He’s one more lefty who can say anything no matter how mean spirited because he’s a “humorist”.

  9. John, I think Garrison Keillor has Dixie-Chicked himself, in slow motion over the last four or five years. I knew personally and had a good few commentors at the NCO Brief blog who said the same: used to love PHC, never missed a show … right up until the point where GK went so rabidly and openly anti-conservative. He got ugly in his columns, bitter and ugly and hateful, and so much at odds to the genial stage persona! He kicked a good portion of his natural listenership in the teeth, right then and there. All those flyover country, small-town moderate-to-conservative independents who had old-fashioned and somewhat eccentric tastes … he kicked them all in the teeth.

    Round and about in 1985, I was at a programming conference for AFRTS mid-ranked NCOs … our programming HQ wanted to pick the brains of the front-line supervisors, I guess. At one point, they asked us if any of us could suggest radio shows that were on regularly in the States that might make a good addition to the AFRTS radio package. Right away, about three of us suggested PHC, but the senior program acquistions guy shook his head. Nope – they’d asked GK about having PHC in the rotation. He wasn’t the least bit interested. The programming guy gave the impression to us that GK had been awfully snotty about it, too. He didn’t want his show contaminated by being associated with the military.

  10. I stopped listening to PHC about ten years ago when I got tired of the repeat shows. Had PHC aired repeat shows from 5+ years before, I wouldn’t have been bothered. I didn’t like hearing a show I remembered from less than a year ago. I believe PHC said there were legal reasons for doing so. Whatever.

    There was a time when PHC was more politically neutral. I recall one joke about how various people would answer to why the the chicken crossed the road question. PHC had Bill Clinton’s reply as “That chicken did not engage in what I would call road crossing behavior.”

    Sgt. Mom’s informing us that GK didn’t want PHC associated with AFRTS radio is a tidbit of information not commonly known. One more reason for reading blogs.

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  12. Ah – I love the smell of spam, first thing in the morning!
    Ironic, though – that a single-sentance comment coming from “Historically Black Colleges and Universities” is completely incoherant and mis-spells “own.”

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