17 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. God bless those who died, those who were maimed, both physically and mentally, and their families too…

  2. Today most of the world and most of man lives yet in bondage and hunger. Americans and many others don’t, the Fallen we Remember Today paid for their freedoms with their lives. Remember on Memorial Day.

  3. So really all your dead are heroes? The word has a meaning that does not include nationality you know, still you do love drama as a nation. Sadly your ‘warrior heroes’ are just ‘soldiers who died’.

    Why not mourn the reality? Does it all have to be some kind of Hollywood movie?

  4. Dan from Madison Says on
    May 28th, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    PenGun, you really are a caricature of yourself at times. Consider yourself banned/deleted from any future comment threads of mine.


    Subotai Bahadur

  5. I’m having trouble framing the words and, as I write this comment, in my mind I’m hemming and hawing. Oh well, first time for everything.

    PenGun, you have a point there.

    It’s high praise and enough to say that a soldier has died for their country and we are grateful. Heroic behavior is an identifiable and a specific kind of behavior and most of those killed are not engaged in that extraordinary behavior.

  6. PenGun, occasionally i agree with you. Here you miss the point. We leave it to the people of other countries to commemorate their dead soldiers with whatever words or ceremonies seem fit to them. Each country has its own memory and story of the past. So be it. It takes nothing away from us that they do, and it takes nothing from that we do. Everyone should tend their own graves in their own way.

  7. “PenGun, you really are a caricature of yourself at times.”

    The pot …. calling the kettle black. I hope that’s not too abstruse for you.

  8. @Dan – there is a fascinating article on trolls in This Week Magazine – how their nastiness erodes discourse. From the Huffington Post to….here.

    The subtitle is “The sheer nastiness of some nameless commenters is poisoning discourse on the web. Does it have to be this way?

    As to “Pengun” I learned to ignore him.

    I’ll try and get a url for you this evening.

  9. @Bill – I am in internet veteran and have seen plenty of PenGuns come and go. It is always the same bile. It just makes my life easier to not let my future threads get hijacked by him (her?) and their like. I have been pretty tolerant in the past but it just gets boring.

  10. @Dan – I am not perfect. I do know that I sometimes swerve from topic to topic but if I get too far just slap me on the head ;-)

    But you can tell when people are just trying to be incendiary and poison the conversation. The This Week article

    was saying that it is really across political lines.

    They are everywhere.

  11. Oh please you lot just stroke each other. It’s a little strange even sometimes. I just add a little perspective to your right wing love fest.

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