Memorial Day, 2012

The war was in color (music video); link originally via the late and very great Neptunus Lex, who observed they all are. See Lex’s Memorial Day post for 2006, here.  Also at The Lexicans today, a visit to the A-6 Intruder memorial.

>>>>Lex’s daughter “Kat” has the Neptunus Lex blog back up. Which allows me to post a link to his Memorial Day post for 2007: We remember them. Eloquent even by Lex’s own high standards

Here are some other Memorial Day links from around the web…most of these are from 2011 and earlier.

America the Singularity, from Dr Sanity

The warriors among us, from Bookworm

Lest we forget, from Reflecting Light

How can you remember something you’ve never learned?

A visit to the USS Abraham Lincoln

A nice picture of the WWII memorial at night

A memorial in Afghanistan. Story and incredible photographs by Michael Yon.

Cassandra, eloquent and thoughtful as always.

See also Walter Russell Mead and Chicago Boy Lexington Green.

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