6 thoughts on “Chicago By Night”

  1. “It’s nice in the summer.”

    My sister tells me there was a “wilding” event on the near north side around Northwestern Memorial and the new Childrens Hospital. Black on white violence with two doctors from Northwestern also victims, among about 40 total. Also 50 shooting victims this weekend with two deaths.

    It’s pretty dull here in Orange County.

    The baseball game today was pretty exciting. Fathers’ Day and the Angels won.

  2. There were a couple of those wilding mob incidents not far from where I live. A lot of people came to the victims aid right away. The cops are likely on those kids and there are cameras everywhere and they will probably find them or at least enough to get one to talk on the rest.

    As far as shooting goes, those don’t happen anywhere near where these pictures are taken. The downtown, River North, Gold Coast, Wrigleyville, etc… pretty much don’t have much violent crime at all. There are hordes of people everywhere, it is packed with tourists in the summer. You can’t hardly believe the numbers of GIANT hotels they are building – some 50 stories tall – on top of all the hotels that already exist.

    And at night everyone walks around to the bars and restaurants and walks home or takes a cab. I’m sure many idiots drive but I feel a bit better that it is easy to get around without a car or people just plan to stay downtown. I was terrified driving at night on Friday or Saturday in Texas when I lived there because there were so many people driving around, hammered.

    The REAL violence goes down in a few areas where the tourists and 99% of locals (unless they are looking for drugs) never go. It is very sad. The violence heats up in the summer. The police used to just saturate the area and stop and frisk everyone but now they are doing more community policing which hasn’t worked, so far.

  3. The cops are just a reactionary force. They really can’t do much to stop the violence, only clean up the mess. The cleansing of those neighborhoods must come from within. And it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.

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