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  • Za Rodina

    Posted by In-Cog-Nito on April 22nd, 2005 (All posts by )

    Photo origin unknown, source:


    5 Responses to “Za Rodina”

    1. xavras Says:

      shouldn’t it be : “Za Rodinu” ?

      I never paid much attention to Russian that we were taught in the then communist Poland, so I can be wrong…

      Also, I don’t want to return to my brief discussion with Lex on another thread, but I find this blog’s tendency to glorify the Soviet involvement in WW2 a bit troubling.

    2. Lex Says:

      Xavras, the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII will soon be past, and we can go back to brooding on the villainy of Stalin and the grim days of the Cold War, like we usually do around here.

    3. warmi Says:

      ” and we can go back to brooding on the villainy of Stalin and the grim days of the Cold War”

      Given the fact that Stalin is most likely the most accomplished killer of all time , I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    4. Doug Sundseth Says:

      I don’t know the provenance either, but the picture is best known to me from its use to inspire the cover illustration of an old Avalon Hill game expansion, Cross of Iron, now published by Multi-Man Publishing.

      Trivia: Multi-Man Publishing was started by Curt Schilling to perpetuate the Advanced Squad Leader game system, of which he is a player and fan.

    5. Fred Says:

      Yah, there’s nothing wrong honouring the individual bravery and sacrifices of the Russian soldier.

      We’d be probably be writing in this Blog in German without them.