New! – Your Month-End Haiku

New Harley! Main Street:
Radio on, blasting noise…
Turn that damn thing down

Your lefty neighbor
Emails you Krugman columns
How to be polite?

Office ’07
Menus driving you crazy?
Too late to complain

Frozen soy burgers
Taste OK, better for you
I’d rather have beef

Your online profile
Attracts mainly gay Muslims
Time to change your luck?

5 thoughts on “New! – Your Month-End Haiku”

  1. Your neighbor’s damn glad you are speaking to him, p;oliteness be damned. (And perhaps that explains why I don’t know my neighbors.)

  2. Party at friends house
    lots of old people like me
    Three beers is plenty

    Worry all the time
    Plaster a brave face on it
    Just keep on swinging

    You read history
    Patterns recur — you see them
    No one will listen

    People come and go
    Heart, mind, spirit, truth go on
    Your books are your friends

    There: Lexington Green
    Grass, trees, sky — smoke, blood, the slain
    Forget them? Never.

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