4 thoughts on “This is What Men Do”

  1. Yep … that’s what they do, react to protect, without thinking very much about it. Chivalry is not dead. Compare their examples to the doofus who left his infant son, his girlfriend and her child, and beat feet out of the theater. She had to retrieve the baby, and get the two kids out … with the assistance of a total stranger, who did react in the right way.
    Apparently, she is going to marry Mr. Speedy …if she had any sense, she’d take a closer look at Mr. Chivalrous, but I’m pretty sure someone who takes a baby and a toddler to a midnight movie is a few sandwiches short of a full picnic anyway.

  2. Sexist. Report to the EO NCOIC pronto!

    The IG will be in touch. We’re not men, we’re males.

    Seriously. This is the kind of stupid thing I’d hope I’d do, but you have a society that literally drugs boys with Ritalin to stop them from being boys, not to mention turns people in for holding the door, teaches all men are rapists…we should be surprised honor won out.

  3. Sgt Mom – that is an aspect of the female psyche that we don’t understand – seemed pretty layed out if she would listen –

    Ginny – it seems – with these things – as Robert Avrecgh said they are not tragedies but atrocities one is random and one is evil – but the latter seem to bring out the best – and worst – in people.

  4. Nice Hat. Not.

    I’m kinda sympathetic to the young man and wouldn’t call him mr speedy, he was disoriented. Sudden gunfire does that.

    Let’s hope this grows him up.

    The W word comes to mind looking at how he repreesantz hisself..

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