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  1. Just curious. From the uniform and chevrons [Chief Trumpeter, Cavalry 1872-1902 pattern] and the individual; I am assuming he is representing 9th or 10th Cavalry. They were formed in 1866, which is after the events you documented. Was there a 9th or 10th Cav. unit taking part in the commemoration?

    Subotai Bahadur,
    sometimes 12 lb. Mountain Howitzer Gunner,
    Co. “I”, First Regiment of Dragoons [1833-1857]

  2. There was a reenactor company – or elements thereof taking part, although I only noticed the others in the picture that I took of the crowd afterwards. I don’t know which unit they were representing. I assume – and this is only an assumption – that a handful of Union Army/US Army reenactors were called upon to lend a bit of color (you should pardon the expression) to the event. Two local chapters of Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War were involved in the commemoration – and they had three cannon, which made an almighty loud ‘boom’ at the end of the ceremony.
    I just caught him coming late to the ceremony – and asked to take his picture. It amused me, that he had his shades and modern camera…

  3. Don’t know if you were a fan of House (the TV show) Sgt – but there was a hilarious episode involving to Civil War re-enactors – turns out the mysterious ailments they had were cause by the cheap polyester material of their uniforms – being too cheap to buy the real wool (and undoubtedly more uncomfortable) uniforms.

    other than that totally unrelated remark to your post it sounded like an interesting day! And the good Sgt – shades and all – seemed to be enjoying himself….

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