8 thoughts on “It’s National Empty Chair Day”

  1. Yep – it was a performance and an excellent one, from a master. I’m glad the empty chair with teleprompter image has legs. As Alinsky counseled, a good tactic is one that your people enjoy doing, and people have certainly had fun with this one.

  2. An old man yelling at a chair rather nicely defines the RNC this time.

    Actually, this kind of logically and factually insubstantial comment is a good example of Alinskyite rhetoric in its own right. There is no rational argument, only ridicule and an implicit appeal to the cool-kid mob. Eastwood made a straightforward argument that Obama has done a poor job and should be replaced. The commenter, like other leftists, is unable to refute this argument, so he ignores it and tries to draw attention to irrelevancies.

  3. Anyone who actually watched Clint Eastwood beheld a man on the edge of dementia berating a straw man, a right wing specialty, about things he largely was not responsible for. Bush started Afghanistan not Obama and the rest of the screed was as wildly misdirected as that. As I said it characterizes the whole convention well. A celebration of attacks on straw men.

    The cool kids … ROTFLMFAO.

  4. Obama is president but is not responsible.

    Bush is not president but is responsible.

    Clinton was president before Bush, is not responsible.

    Citing failure on his watch = attacks on straw men

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