See “Celebration Day” the Led Zeppelin Movie

“Celebration Day” is the Led Zeppelin concert movie commemorating their 2007 one-time only show in London with John Bonham’s son Jason on drums. Here is a link to the web site trailer and show times.

I highly recommend that you head out and see the show in a theater, preferably one that is LOUD. Led Zeppelin sounds fantastic, playing a variety of songs from their 10 album catalog, with some unexpected choices. Robert Plant’s voice sounds great, Jimmy Page can still play everything, John Paul Jones plays a variety of instruments (including an amazing 10 string bass), and Jason Bonham is great on drums (with a bit of vocals on “Misty Mountain Hop”).

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  1. Head *way* out. The closest screenings to the southeastern US are in Evansville Indiana, New Albany Indiana, or Richmond Virginia. The former two also appear to be the closest to Chicago.

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