20 thoughts on “The Second Presidential Debate (Shorter Version)”

  1. The new media must be driving the old media nuts because they can be called on these calls now.

    I think Crowley’s bumbling had the unintended consequences of having everyone question her now.

  2. You have it exactly wrong. Crowley is one of the establishment refs, who know which team the NFL promo moachine would like to see win and which stars need to be protected or don’t have to play by the rules. Jim Lehrer is a one of the replacement refs, who thought it was their job to let opponents compete and decide the outcome themselves.

  3. When is Fox News going to offer Mr. Romney the 14 minutes lost in the two debates? We have the tapes of the questions, we have Ms. Crowley asking and then shutting down Romney’s answers, at this point in time we don’t need her there, just run the questions back and let Romney answer this time with out her getting involved. If Fox would do this letting Greta be the moderator it would be the most watched news program in the history of television. Everyone knows that Romney has been screwed on time, 4 minutes in the first ‘debate’ and 10 minutes in the 2nd, give him back that time on Fox News. Lets see it happen.

  4. Now I am just hearing on rush that there is an internal CNN memo congratulating Crowley on the “great job” she did.

    “The Most Trusted Name in News”


  5. Crowley did a great job? Well, of course. She did a great job for Obama. It just wasn’t a great job for the watching audience who wanted to hear the rest of Romney’s answers.

  6. Candy Crowley was selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates to be one of the moderators. Given that the Commission is run by Democrat party operatives; it can be no surprise that everyone selected by them is a card carrying member of the Journo-List 2.0 Leftist-State controlled media. As such it is clear that they have an understanding of what their real mission is.

    It is, first and foremost, to see that the Democrat wins. If it can be done with the surface appearance of impartiality, all the better. But the primary mission is to see that the Democrat wins, or at least does not lose.

    In this cycle, that means that Buraq Hussein Obama and “Smoking Joe” Biden have to win. The Left understands this and has been criticizing Jim Lehrer for not somehow saving Obama in the first debate. Martha Raddatz, whose personal connections to the regime are plain, tried to interrupt Ryan as much as possible; but also had obvious instructions to allow Biden feed red meat to the Democrat base unchallenged. We all got to see that Biden being Biden is not a sight for the squeamish, which was counterproductive.

    Candy Crowley is a Leftist. She couldn’t be anything else and work at CNN. Like all Democrats, rules and laws do not apply to her. “Entitlement”, because she is working for a higher good.

    Add to that, if this is like all other Town Halls, the participants were mostly screened or sent by the DNC; and were apparently all “Undecideds” who had voted for Obama in 2008. The questions were probably written by Axelrod [and were cc’ed to Obama a week ago], and in any case Crowley got to pick, and choose them at will. The detail that for some reason Crowley had the transcript of the Rose Garden Speech after the attack on Benghazi, of all things, on her desk; and that Obama knew she had it [Quoth Obama, “Check the transcript, check the transcript!” when she jumped into the debate to protect him.] shows this. Q.E.D.

    She did do her best to fulfill her primary mission. She need not fear any bad consequences of being openly biased, if that is what it takes to drag Obama over the finish line. It is not like there is anything like a journalistic reputation for integrity at CNN. And indeed, if she was openly unfair to Romney she can have great expectations for her future career.

    So if Romney made a tie, it is a win. If he actually came out ahead [and I think he did and it was not the game changer Obama desperately needed], it is a triumph. And a tie may well have been enough, because the previous two debates tore the curtain away from the Wizard of Ah’s.

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. Great shot. The analogy I thought of after seeing Candy’s cheerleading was Danny Noonan telling Judge Smails (sp?) “Why don’t you improve your lie?”

  8. First we need to win this election i know. But assume that mit wins. In 2016 we need to insist that a fox moderator get one of the debates–even if it is the VP. If the dems won’t agree then tell them to screw off.

    what ever you think of fox the fact is it highly ranked in viewership. and personally i think america would rather watch meg Kelly for 90 minutes than Candy or that one that did the VP debate. and if the dems don’t want to debate under those conditions. Well as near as I can tell the debates almost always help the challanger. Or help the challanger more than the incumbent.

  9. I have a novel idea: No moderator (let them try to speak over one another, or just have a timer that cuts off the microphone when their time expires) and both campaigns get to select 50% of the questions? With every claim fact-checked (50/50 participation from both campaigns) immediately and displayed as a sidebar to the debate?

    Yeah, I know – I’ll be able to say “Look up there! The fall migration of flying pigs is a magnificent sight!” before this happens.

  10. Powerline has a link to a meeting between Crowley and Axelrod in SEptember where they discussed the Rose Garden speech and he convinced her that Obama said “terrorism.” The whole thing may have been planned by Axelrod, who undoubtedly gave Crowley the transcript. Romney had not been warned about this trap they had set up with Crowley.

    Now, that I try to find the link, I can’t. I thought it was Powerline. Maybe I heard it on Michael Medved this afternoon.

  11. Why did Crowley have a transcript at her desk of Obama’s Rose Garden speech?

    Why did Barack Obama know that Crowley had a transcript at her desk of Obama’s Rose Garden speech?

  12. Who decided that someone from the media should be moderating the debates in the first place? Seems to me they should have whoever moderated the high school debating championships in the state in which the Presidential debate is held. Get someone who understands what ‘moderating a debate’ means.

  13. I found neo-neocon’s framing and clip of the Crowley/Obama/Michelle moment. It hit our guts, I think, as a weird blind-side; now other’s analysis helps me understand what I felt.

    We sense cheating. The high school coaches from the Lincoln/Douglas debates would be great – Lehrer was a lot closer to that and it worked, not just for Romney, but for those of us who wanted to see them think on their feet (or not as the case may be). I doubt those coaches would agree with CNN’s theory that Crowley was a fair time keeper because Romney uses more words per minute.

  14. Ronnor that is a really brilliant idea.

    I suggest that readers here send that to Fox :


    If that were done by Fox it would really stir things up. Please guys, go for it. My one email to them won’t do it. It sure would serve as object lesson to anyone else trying out this kind of crap.

    I don’t think she helped O in the end.Much too obvious.

  15. My logic as sent to my brother in email:
    What a logic trap…. “stupid evil video” “terrorist attack” “video” “video” “video” “terrorist”
    make up your mind already….

    IF Obama DID call it a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden 9/12 {b4 flying off to LasVegas} & making Paki apology video
    THEN he LIED his ass off for about 3 weeks … at the UN …. on the tube on GMA & God knows how many time
    AND his UN rep – RIce … went on 5 Sunday AM newsies and LIED “mighta been the video”
    AND Secy State Clintoon LIED her ass off also saying about the same thing,,,
    & failed to provide reasonable security in a un-governed country
    ELSE He LIED in the debate, and did NOT call it a terrorist act
    BUT he claimed aloud, and repeated it, that he called it a terrorist act….

    That isn’t a trap, it is a fool opening his yap and making sh*t up only to have flies fly into his mouth because of the merde dribbling out….

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