6 thoughts on “Wolverines!”

  1. When Biden derisively laughed at Paul Ryan’s contention that lowering taxes would increase revenue I thought of RR

  2. Reagan just needs to be revisited, not avenged. The Democrats have never believed in dynamic effects of tax policy. Obama’s answer to Charlie Gibson in 2008 should have been enough for most people.

  3. Reality is the best engine of cosmic justice, which is why collectivists have to scapegoat and spin so desperately when their big ideas crash and burn instead of solving everything they claim they will solve.

    How can anyone be surprised that the economy is sputtering, when everything we have done to jump start it was done by the Japanese after their bubble burst in the ’90’s, and none of it worked to achieve much more than stagnation.

    By every valid measure, economic life prospers when people are free to make decisions based on their own careful evaluation of what is best for their budget and needs, and falters when big political judgements are substituted for the myriad of individual decisions that actually power the economy towards greater productivity and growth.

    Reagan doesn’t need to be avenged. The tea parties will do that in the next several elections as a matter of course, without even thinking about it in those terms.

    The real world of facts, figures, data, and physical and economic laws, will have its own severe vengeance as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow in the east and set in the west.

    And President Canute, and all his horses and all his men, can’t do a thing about it.

  4. Guys, the Red Dawn reference is what makes the bumper sticker funny — “Avenge me!” is from that movie, itself a prime cultural artifact from the Reagan Era.

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