Nominee for the Annual “Not Getting It” Award

Sudan killed about 2 million of its own people (mostly Dinka) in the South of their country, took a large number of them as slaves, and are currently machine-gunning, raping, looting, and butchering the Fur minority in the West. That’s bad enough, but treating a reporter roughly? “They can always say `no comment’ … but to drag a reporter out just for asking is inexcusable behavior.”

2 thoughts on “Nominee for the Annual “Not Getting It” Award”

  1. reason why MSM reporters and leftists stick to picking on US based targets. if they tried “reforming” anywhere else that really needs reforming, this about the reception they would get, probably worse.

  2. Notice also how the Plame issue ballooned when one of ‘theirs’ went to jail?
    Four leg good, two legs better.

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