America’s Greatest Days are Yet to Come

We are proud to announce that James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus have completed their book America 3.0 and submitted the manuscript to their publisher, Encounter Books on Friday, November 30, 2012.

Please stand by for further announcements in this regard.

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11 thoughts on “America’s Greatest Days are Yet to Come”

  1. Congratulations Lex – these days just getting a publisher is an accomplishment. America has had many difficult challenges in the past and overcame them. I hope you are right.

  2. I very much doubt America 3.0, it does crack me up I was there for web 2.0 LOL, will succeed in restoring American exceptionalism. A great attitude, as Lex espouses, is going to be useful as the future unfolds though.

    The reasons for your great good fortune are pretty well gone and you will have to deal with the world on a more equal footing as time goes by. This is how it works as empires come and go.

  3. Conservatism has lost the battles and now the war, unfortunately. Optimism is a refusal to address the facts of the situtaion. But there will be many conservatives and their allies who soldier on out of habit and refuse on principle to see that their cause has lost, despite there being no chance of ever rolling back the leftist state except by armed revolution or national bankruptcy. And I would contend that neither of those final outcomes is a win for conservatism anyway, just the natural end of the life cycle of leftism.

    For any possible idea you can imagine, I will ask… “and how will you deal with the debt?” As there is no politically acceptable way to deal with it, all sensible policy idea are worthless to us.

  4. Lex, I can not wait to read the book!

    In a way, I have been waiting to read it since 2009, when I read an article by James DeLong titled “The Coming of the Fourth American Republic”.

    America 3.0 …the audacity of the title, makes me laugh with delight. To dare to imagine that men can find a way to live, once again, in an opportunity-based, civil society, ruled by themselves?

    I can’t wait!

  5. a little revolution, now and then…is a good thing” Is that going to be a premise? (I know I know read the book) ;-)

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