5 thoughts on “Happy Hannuka!”

  1. From my days in South Shore, when it was half Jewish and half Catholic, I thought Hannukah began with a C. Like Happy Channuka !

    I was once a member in good standing of the Young Men’s Jewish Council. My recommendation for membership was supplied by my friend Winkie Gorman. The YMCA on 71st Street didn’t have a basketball court and the YMJC at 76th and Colfax, as I recall, did.

    It’s sad to see what happened to South Shore. My sister told me there were six murders at 71st and South Shoe Drive last week. My orthodontist had his office in a building across from the entrance to South Shore Country Club. Not that I was ever a member. That was a lovely area to grow up in. I met the fellow who now owns our old house on Paxton Ave. Nice guy. He wanted me to send him photos of the house when we owned it. He gave me a tour. I’d like to have it but not in that neighborhood. I suspect he feels the same way.

  2. Thanks.

    I used to ride my bike down to the end of the bike path, which if I recall was/is at the South Shore Country Club. Sad to hear about the neighborhood. It sounds like it’s deteriorated since the ’90s.

  3. Transliteration is an inexact science at best. You go ahead and spell it with a C if you want. Heck, you can even use a K. What drives me nuts is the Chinese ones they want to use these days. What the heck does XH sound like?

  4. SWMBO and I went to the local kid store last night, and the neon sign had a problem.

    It proudly declared we were entering “-OYS R US”.

    Great CCChanuka-related hilarity ensued.

    Oddly, the clerk didn’t get any of my jokes…

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