8 thoughts on “Remember: However you feel this morning, it could be worse…”

  1. I saw no reason to drink yesterday, so I staid sober and feel fine. Certainly better than the previous owners of those skulls.

    I love the small ones. Were they hand fed (please note the double entendre) :)

  2. One year, when I was in college, Ohio State played in the Rose Bowl. With several of my fraternity brothers, we went downtown to one of the hotels that was filled with OSU fans, picked up three girls and went to a New Years Eve party. I got really drunk at the party and, afterward, the guys told me that I had had sex with the girl I was with. I don’t remember it and have always believed they were teasing me. Shakespeare says alcohol brings the desire but takes away the ability. Anyway, after that, I have stayed sober on New Years Eve. Relatively.

  3. I’m intrigued by what looks to be anti-theft devices connected to the price tags. Guess Gator Dave had to do something about the damned shopliftin’

    Happy New Year

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